Wyze V3 camera's turned off ? The question is, By whom?

This is the second time, I’ve woke up to my cameras in the “turned off” positon ? No power failure or Router failures, either time.

How did I surmise such an occurrence?

Well, Due to the high number of illegal and wide beam headlights passingby. I get 2-6 notifications an hour on one camera and from 0-6 on the other, each hour.

These notifications appear nightly from sunset to sunrise daily.

So, I know when a cam stops recording during the night.

One of my V3’s stopped or last recorded motion at 12:49 am and the other at 02:59 am.

Has anyone else, had this happen to their Cam’s over night ?

Please advise.


10 V3 recording continuous to uSD and CamPlus All Motion and AI events 24\7 for over a year. Never had one power down on its own. Had some “not connected” cloud icons in the app after one of Wyze’s many flawlessly fielded updates, but they were indeed connected and recording continuous to uSD.


I’m a record “Events only”, kinda Guy.

Now living in fear of the updates.

Just seeking answers to a yet, unsolved mystery.

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Welcome to the club! We are many here. Haven’t updated cams since, app is still (130).

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I no wanna tinker, probe, fix n patch. These “Microsoft style” multi function updates.

Most of them are fine. Yet stability n reliability, is all I need these days.

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