Wyze Cam v2 powers off regularly

I have a Wyze Cam v2 that I purchased back in 2018 that routinely powers itself off, The firmware is up to date on version and I have other Wyze cameras that do not do this. Ideas?

By powers off do you mean it says the cam is offline in the app, or it says the cam is turned off and you can push the button to turn it back on? What’s the status light on the cam when it’s in this state?

Does it always happen at the same time, or randomly?

The app says the camera id offline but I can turn it back on from there. Nit sure what the light indicates sine I am not around at the time. Seems random, but then again, I do not know when it happens, so I cannot tell how predictable the event is.

How do you turn it back on in the app? What buttons do you click?

The power button in the middle of the screen.

So it sounds like the cam is not going offline but is being turned off. Can you check if you have any rules setup to turn the cam off? Does anyone else have access to your cam?

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