Wyze cam OG keeps shutting off

How can I fix this? It’s brand new and has cam plus

Can you provide a bit more detail? Is the cam fully powering down or is it showing as offline in the app? Or, is it toggling from on to off in the device list?

When it does this, provided you have the status lights enabled in the settings, are the status lights on the front of the cam staying on or do they turn off as well?

It says offline and the lights are not on.

If the status lights are going off when it shows as offline, it sounds like a total power down.

First thing I would do to troubleshoot is to move it to a plug outlet that is known reliable and test it there. Next would be to swap the power cord with a known good one and then do the same with the power adapter. Do you have another Wyze Cam with a known good power cord and adapter? Are you using the cam alone or is it part of a stack kit with the Y adapter?

Verify that you don’t have any rules created that might power off the cam. Also, is the cam shared?

For anyone else who might have this issue, I did have my OG go offline 4 times about 2 weeks ago, every few days or so. I ended up moving the router closer to the OG, updated the OG firmware, and still it continued to happen. Each time I needed to re-add the OG, power-cycled the router in order for the OG setup to connect to my WiFi.

I complained to Wyze Support and they ended up giving me a gift card. So I used it to purchase a new Wyze Cam V3. When I was setting up the new V3 and updating its firmware to the latest, the OG went offline the 4th and final time. I’m not sure if it was related, as I haven’t reproduced it since then.

Since then I’ve put up the new V3 to cover the spot where the OG was, and moved the OG to the side of the house where there’s less activity. So far it hasn’t gone offline again. I have since setup a couple of Wyze Plugs and updating their firmware didn’t cause any issues with the OG.