Power was out yesterday for 8 hours. Now all my cams are ignoring detection and recording settings

So this is extremely annoying. I woke up this morning, checked my event viewer and found it packed with hundreds of events recorded overnight by several of my cams which seemed to have forgotten their detection and recording settings. I spent literally 20 minutes deleting the events from just one cam, 20 at a time, if that tells you how many events were there! There were hundreds!! And that’s just for one cam. This afternoon another cam started clogging up my event log with nonexistent motion events every 20 seconds or so.

So now at work I had a few extra minutes and went cam by cam trying to re-initialize the settings BUT… because Wyze still hasn’t figured out how to fix the problem where people can’t access certain cams from outside their home wifi, I have one of my OG cams going crazy and recording every tiny thing that moves, sometimes so tiny that I can’t even see it.

We’ve had our power go out before and this never happened. Is this something new?

Has anyone else experienced this?

Come on Wyze, do better.

::edit:: against my better judgement I just ordered a regular V3 to replace the broken OG. Only reason I did that is because I have it placed right next to a Ring cam watching the same area so I have a backup. But I will be replacing the other OG with a Ring cam. Don’t really need redundancy in that spot and am tired of the problems with the OG cams. So in my “junk, unused cams, and accessories” box I will now be adding two OG cams to go along with my V3 Pro which started going offline every day after the recent system outage.

Did you try a factory reset on the OG cams. I don’t have an OG but the directions are simple. My V3 Pro is the only plug in camera that did not go off line during the system outage and it is still working just as well as it did the day I installed it in November 2022.

While the power was out, were there rules that should have ran to enable or disable motion detection? If the cameras were off when a rule was set to start, the rule actions won’t take.

No, the only rules I have set up are basically shortcuts to turn on and off all of the indoor cameras. I also have one schedule that turns off the indoor cameras right before we wake up. When we are home I turn those on myself before going to sleep.

Nothing that would affect motion detection, event recording, or notifications.