All of my wyze cams were down April 27-28 11:30-5:am

Did wyze report an outage last night? I can’t find anything. All 5 of my cameras didn’t catch anything from 11:30-5am 04/27-04/28.

Downdetector doesn’t show there being any abnormal outages reported by people:


I didn’t see anything on Discord, Reddit, or here.

I did get events through that whole time period. I have roughly 40 cams, almost every model, and they were all working with some cloud events during that time.

I’m not sure why yours had an issue. It could be your ISP. Maybe power cycle your router, modem and the cameras just to refresh the connections and possibly reset any potential memory leak issues that may have contributed to it.

I also always suggest having an SD card in the cameras set to record to them so that you always have a backup recording of anything that happens.

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I checked my event videos for the evening of the 27th and morning of the 28th. I have the full overwhelming compliment of motion event uploads to my Event Videos during that period.

Is it possible that your ISP or local WiFi experienced an outage during those times?

Hmm that’s odd, My WiFi was fine, my ring camera stayed online and was fine just not my wyze cameras. I restarted all of them last night and put in SD cards for future. I’m not sure what happened.