Cam Pans not recording

I’ve got 3 cam pans, all in windows facing outdoors. Recently I’ve noticed that events are not recording. One camera is not recording any events at all. One camera missed two definite events today (one and two people walking in front of it), and the third missed 4 events today, including 2 cars and 2 people. There are no SD cards in these cameras (and I’m not interested in doing so to fix Wyze’s bug) and the events were outside of the 5 minute cooldown period.

Has anyone had issues like this and know of a fix? Wyze support was useless.

Have you tried to restart the cameras? Sometimes a restart refresh the cameras with their settings and clears it up. I’d also triple check your settings to make sure they weren’t reverted during any recent upgrades.

Yeah I know the settings are all good. Restart via the app, or unplug the devices?

I’m having same issues with same set up! And then pan cam shut down and yellow light stays steady on, tried the Sam as you rebooting WiFi with no success! Please help us someone?!

Either. Power cycle is prob better. The reset via app is just a “soft reset”. I have a scheduled rule to reset my cameras every night, I think it helps keep everything stable.


Tried did not work!

Unplugging for 30 minutes worked for two cameras. Gonna have to write the third off as a failure. Wish Wyze stood behind their stuff.