Cam Pan Spinning & Not Recording

Hi All. I have 2 Cam Pan cameras. One I have had for almost a year now. It works and records perfectly. I just bought a new one recently and it is giving me issues. When I have a SD card in the camera, it will spin like it is resetting every couple of minutes. I have tried everything I can think of. Resetting the camera, unplugging it for hours at a time, formatting the SD card on my computer, using a brand new out of the package SD cards…nothing is working. When I take the SD card out of the camera, it works perfect! It obviously doesn’t record, but it doesn’t spin every couple minutes. I think I have a defected camera but I want to see if any one else has this issue as well. TY in advance!

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I would call support and see about exchanging the camera.

Other people have been having the same issue with the micro SD card in the Wyze Cam Pan.