New Pan Cam not working / Love my Cam

I have loved my Cam for the last 2 years so I asked for the Pan Cam for Mother’s day. I put the Pan Cam in the same location I had the Cam and moved the Cam to another location. I haven’t been able to get it to get a stable connection to my network it hasn’t worked yet. Is it because I put in the SD card with this one. I am not technical at all but can get things rebooted and conned. My kids gaming systems are connected just fine, not sure why I can’t get the Pan Cam. BTW the Cam in the new location is working just fine no issues? Any help would be great!

Shouldn’t affect it.

Did it ever work anywhere else?

What is the Status light doing? Color? Flashing?

Can you see the camera in the Wyze app (you should see two cams)? Or do you only see the original camera?

I do see both Cam’s in the Wyze app and when I click on the ‘Pan’ it is Offline it only gets connected for a minuted or two. It says it is unstable and crashes and I have to climb up take it down reconnect it and then it comes off line again? Thanks for confiming it is not the SD card.

Did this ever get resolved?
Have you tried removing the SD card? I have a cam that is working the same way. It started when I put an SD card in it. It’s not in my house, won’t be able to check it until the weekend.