Am i the only person having issues

I finally after buying 2 wyze v2’s decided to go with the Pan cam this time around, because i just love these things.
Well i took it out of the box and set it up, it was a total breeze, but then my daughter came to me and said um mom your new eyes (my cam) is spinning around and then it stops. I said no sweetie i think its just getting use to being outta the box. Lol WELL i came in the living room a bit later while she was watching tv and while i was folding clothes, it did it again. While i was in the room it had done it 2 times.
It spins all the way one way then comes back and spins all the way the other way and then re-adjusts its lens, its also switching from day cam to night vision through out the day.
Also i noticed it isn’t recording anything at all on to my SD card. which is the same kind of card i have in my other wyze2v and have no problems. i have reset the system a few times and updated the software, and still nothing different,
I don’t have motion nor the follow on. at all so why in the world is it going crazy?

I have done all the trouble shooting i can do on my side. i even reset the wyze app too

Are there points set for Pan Scan settings?
Camera settings > Advanced > Motor controls
Also, Camera > More > Pan Scan On/Off.

i just checked those right now and

It says its set to Default for the motor controls .

And the pan scan wasn’t doing anything till i clicked on it, then it was doing the same thing i was talking about but yet i was controlling it that time.

Try removing the SD card to see if the issue stops. If it does, the SD card may either be bad, or needs to be formatted.

Sounds like you’re having the same issue I and many others are having of it restarting itself. It seems to be related to the latest firmware.

Go to your phone’s App store and select Wyze app, then scroll down a bit till you see “Join the Beta”, and do so … then when you get the app upgrade,.

Open the app → select Account → Firmware Upgrade … upgrade … afterwards, restart the camera (just unplug, wait 30 secs, plug it in) stop the app, then fire it up and test

Yeah, the latest firmware upgrade was a big step back as far as functionality goes with PanCam. Wyze has not been winning me over lately. The Auto Unlock function on their door lock is another bugaboo that hasn’t been properly sorted out.

I had the same thing. Very annoying. I contacted Wyze support and we tried several things. What worked was to reinstall the firmware. Reinstall directions here
Now it has been several hours working without a glitch and is now recording video to my microSD card.
So perhaps something may have tweaked the firmware upgrade on their download site…who knows, but the one I downloaded works like a champ. I hope this helps.

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