New Wyze Pan firmware update causing issues

Now I like how smooth the camera moves now compared to its violent thrust left and right to keep up with the motion tracking
But this update has caused so many problems
When the Wyze Pan has Pan Scan enabled it recongnizes it turning left and right as Motion so every 5 or so seconds Id either recieve 1 notification or multiple of them
And since it recongnizes motion while pan scan is enabled it keeps repositioning itself after pointing to the second spot in pan scan
So I disabled Motion Tracking. And for some odd reason it re-enabled itself in an odd way though It like twitches to the left or right instead of just sitting still after pan scan moved it


I’m having the same exact problem. I have contacted the support team so many times. I’ve literally sent them three emails, called them three times. I cannot figure out how to fix this problem. I’ve done everything under the sun, I’m really unhappy about this. It worked just fine before they did their update. Now it’s picking up motion every time it pans around.

@WyzeTeam Can you guys please fix this problem!

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