Pan Cam Pan Scan Recording ALL panning movements

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I have several pan cams, I’ve had them for a while now. I’ve never had this problem. :point_down:t2:*

Basically when my pan cam, pans around IT PICKS UP THE MOTION OF THE CAMERA PANNING :roll_eyes: rather than the motion that’s happening while the camera is still and focused on its specific spot*

Everything I’ve tried so far:

Soft boot
Hard boot
Uninstall and reinstall
Resetting the cameras
Slowing panning motion down to its slowest and its fastest
Messing with the detection settings, moving them up moving them down
Reformatting SD cards

Now I just have them all sitting still pointed in one directions :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless: WASTE OF MONEY*

This seems to be an issue that started after their recent update??? I have tried to contact them so many times. Does anyone have a workaround for this that I have not listed above?*
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Well sure. The one thing you haven’t tried yet is the most obvious fix. Rolling back to a previous version of the camera firmware. Good luck.

To be perfectly honest I have no idea how to do that? I didn’t think of that but I don’t know how to do it. And I have 15 cameras :expressionless: It just seems like it would be so time consuming. If you have any tips about how to do it, please share thank you :pray:t2:

Also I have an iPhone, and all my products are Apple-based. So that article that you sent me I think it is more PC-based? But I’m going to review it. Thank you for sending that. Hopefully there’s an answer there

It’s mostly a matter of loading files onto an SD card. It doesn’t much matter if you use Mac or Windows. But with 15 cameras maybe you’re better off pursuing this as a bug with Wyze and getting them to fix it in the next general firmware release.

Here’s info on how to locate and manually flash Firmware in case you decide to.
How to Find Firmware

How to Manually Flash Firmware
If you are using the Beta App, after upgrading there is a “Have A Problem“ prompt on the bottom of the screen which will take you the option to roll back to earlier versions
From the cam screen: Device Info/Firmware Upgrade/Have A Problem.

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I have been having this same issue of the camera recording its own panning motion for about 2 months or so now. I have several open tickets and many emails exchanged and no one has been able to figure out this problem. My camera has also been replaced twice and I have tried all recommended steps. It never used to do this but has become quite infuriating.

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I have cam plus for my cam pan and it also notifies me of its own lens panning around. I have person detection turned on and motion tracking.

I believe I got my pan cam to stop recording it’s own motion by noticing that it was activating detection areas when pan was set on which from what I understand should not be possible. It would turn it on after I did certain things on it’s own. Turning off the area detection I believe was what stopped the constant recording. Might be worth a check.

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Once I enable pan scan, detection areas/zones turn off by default. So I see no way of turning something off that is already off.