firmware on Cam Pan

After upgrading to firmware yesterday, two of my pan cam (10 months old in the same position) facing car port and door and with motion tracking with detection area has become extremely “active”
turning around crazily with a “slightest” shadow movement or car drive by OUTSIDE of the designated Detection Area. I have lower the sensitiveness of motion to 25 and still acting very jumpy. Has anyone else experience this?

You’re not alone I woke up this morning and found my camera looking at the clouds thank you for version 6.156 quickly reverted to 5.111 fixed the problem

My is doing crazy things too Can someone tell me how to go back to old firmware? Thanks

Are you using the production app or Beta app? If you are using Beta it’s easy to revert to the previous FW.

Beta Only
Camera Settings → Device Info → Firmware Version → Have problem?

Ditto here. My Cam Pans are possessed! Panning all over, event recording outside the detection zones, acting like they have a mind of their own! Can you please share how you revert to a previous firmware version?

@awoods Welcome to the Wyze community! Follow the steps in the support articles in my post above. :arrow_up:

I think I am using the production app as I am only using the pilot for person detection

You will need to download the FW and flash the firmware manually. I have done it several times and it only takes about 10 or 15 minutes max.

Down load onto a empty SD card?

Yes, 32 GB or smaller.

Ok thanks I will try that

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that would be troublesome to manually flash all 7 cam pan and some are installed high…
is it possible to do so via App or get an hotfix (new firmware) soon?
I am pretty sure there are people out there with MORE cams than me and would like a similar solution

Back to the old firmware works much better . Thanks

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I have been successful in reverting to 5.11 firmware on one of my two cameras, but not the other camera (both purchased at the same time two months ago). Support folks said that I should try flashing the second camera back to 5.34, which I tried and it did not work. Got any suggestions? The new 6.154 version is making my camera act crazy!

@bcme Glad you’re back in business! :+1:

@awoods That’s really weird. If that FW isn’t working correctly, I would try flashing FW I can’t say if this FW version will work or not but it’s worth a try.

I have the problem. So I have to temporarily turn off the motion tracking to stop the cam moving around when there is no movement.