Wyze Pan Cam has become very unhelpful

I’ve got the Wyze Cam Pan firmware version

This thing used to be awesome. Then my wife washed my phone, and I haven’t figured out how to get the settings the way I had it previously.

It could be an update to the actual Wyze Cam Pan for all I know, but bottom line is that this thing is nearly worthless to me now.

if I have notifications on it sends me one notification every 5 minutes and it’s always staring at a wall where there’s no motion going at all.

Previously it would send me a notification and then it would zoom into a cat leaping on the counter, or my RoboVac starting it’s nightly process… REAL MOTION.

That’s what I need.

Can anyone please help me? I’m thinking I must just have a few settings wrong and need to set them right, but have been tinkering with settings for over 3 weeks now and I still can’t get it going.


I appreciate your time and help.

The settings for the camera are kept in the cloud, and would be the same regardless of what device you use the app on. The settings could change if you factory reset the camera, update it’s firmware (which looks like you did), etc. With any update, always recheck all your settings to make sure they are where you want them as updates usually revert some settings.

I think your best bet is to playy with the sensitivity settings, detection settings, pan scan settings to find your sweet spot. Then take screen shots of each page and save somewhere for reference later.

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So the only solution is to basically trial and error for a long time?

Am I the only person with this issue?