Wyze Cam Pan Resource URL: Alert Videos & Notifications


I cannot get notifications from my Pan Cam unless I use the reset position and then it send an alert when that is happening. I can see the live feed but have not been successful getting alerts. I have a V1 cam and do not have this issue.


hello, what version of the wyze app are you using and what is the firmware version on the pan cam. also, what is the motion sensitivity level set at. if possible, can you temporarily set it to 100 and see if the motion alert notifications work.

I have the same problem. My V1 and V2 cameras have no problem logging notifications, but the Pan camera hasn’t given me one notification even at 100 percent. Firmware is and I am using IOS beta software version 1.3.150

I have two Cam Pans, both are on version and I’m using version 1.3.150 of the iOS app. I have them set up in two high traffic areas of my home, but neither has been anywhere near as good at capturing motion as my V1 and V2 cameras. I believe that they are detecting motion because they start to pan to follow me, but I rarely get a notification and often the notification video shows the camera panning away from the motion.

hello andybc, can you try a factory reset of the pan unit and see if that helps.


hi rob6, can you try a factory reset of the unit and see if that helps.


Basically, I got two immediate alerts alter setting it up the day it arrived, adjusted the detection zone to make these more accurate, and that was the last time I got alerts—even after changing to the default settings. Per your suggestion, I did a factory reset, and still no alerts. Weird.

Just noticed. I did get one alert—maybe right after the reset. But when checking the alert, it said didn’t exist or not yet uploaded. While other cameras have uploaded, the pan cam still has not done so 20 minutes after the “alert” time. But no alerts since this.


Weird, but after the factory reset did not work, I activated the sound alert. It did work. I then deactivated the sound alert and the motion alert started working as long as the sensitivity was 80% or more. For reliable movement alerts from across the room (20 feet or so), I needed to set the sensitivity at 100%.

At any rate, working now despite what seems like a voodoo fix.

thanks for the update andybc, interesting that enabling/disabling another function seems to have triggered motion alerting to work, though 100% sensitivity should not be required. we will bring this update back to the support team, thank you!

Factory reset didn’t help. I’ve tried disabling motion tracking to compare the behavior to the V2 cam, and so far, the stationary pan cam has only notified me of motion once even though I’ve walked past it several times.

My other pan cam is constantly moving around to track motion, but rarely sends a notification.

thanks rob, can you try 2 additional steps and see if it makes a difference:

  • ensure motion detection sensitivity level is at 100
  • enable sound and co detection

For whatever it’s worth, the pan cam does not seem to have the sensitivity of either the V1 or V2 cameras, especially at distance. Even at 100% the pan does not reliably track movement at 15 to 20 feet, whereas the other cameras easily do so at 40% or even 12%.

I have been following the suggestions here and after initially thinking my issues had been solved by increasing sensitivity I have discovered that it was an intermittent solution. If the sensitivity is about 80% on my Pan Cam I will occasionally get alerts when there is movement in broad daylight. However, when I review playback I find that the cam did record movement (I have local recording on alerts only) but I got no alert. As it gets darker I get no alerts at all and if I look at playback I can see the cam targeting constantly when there is no movement nor light changes.

Bottom line, something is wrong with this version of camera and I can’t seem to get a handle on what variations and conditions will point it out.

Probably not the issue, but do you have an alert schedule set? Try toggling the ‘All day’ button to see if that helps.

The other annoying issue is if I point the cam to any position, it will go back to the home position in few seconds.

This doesn’t make sense.

Also having these issues. Can watch live feed, but no alerts. Hope the team fixes these problems.

At first, it did connect and track, you could see a pic, etc. It would not send alerts to the Iphone or to the email address. In unplugging, holding setup button, “Ready to connect!” then we’ve moved to Connection Failed (error code 90.) This camera has been plugged in, unplugged, plugged in, unplugged, etc. Still ready to connect, still error code 90.


In the first five minutes after unboxing, things seemed ok. Features did work, such as panning, following. After that, not so much.


Edit: Finally seemed to wake up and smell the coffee. Connected, tracked, talked to Iphone. Cool beans. Thanks, all.

Do you have motion detection set to a detection zone?

Setting motion detection sensitivity to 100 causes the camera to send me alerts for minor things like a shadow or other things that I wouldn’t notice if motion tagging wasn’t enabled, yet I can walk right in front of the camera without any alerts. Turning on sound detection caused multiple alerts, but they weren’t relevant either.