Wyze Cam Pan Resource URL: Alert Videos & Notifications

I’m experiencing the same thing with my Wyze Cam Pan. I have been testing it out in a high trafficked area of my home with motion detection turned on. I had the sensitivity level set to 50 and I got about 4 alerts/recordings a day, there is enough traffic in this area to generate several motion events an hour. The camera is within 4 feet of the motion happening, so I was confused why I wasn’t getting more alerts. I changed the sensitivity level to 75 and that seems to have improved it, I’m now getting several an hour like I would expect. The motion detection on the Pan seems to differ significantly from the V2, or else the firmware needs to be tweaked. The V2 does a great job of detecting motion, I have the sensitivity level on my V2 set to 50.

No alerts received here for the pan cams. I have had three set up for a while now and received my first alert for one of them today. Sound only. I just turned on Sound alerts a bit before that. No motion alerts at any point (no actual recordings of motion / sound) so no alerts to match. This doesn’t seem to be an issue with the app failing to notify it is the camera failing to acknowledge the alerts. Settings are at 50 percent sensitivity (like my other cams) I have turned the alerts on and off several times with no luck. I am running Android 8.1 with app 1.4.18 and the camera firmware are all up to date. On a different note it would be nice if I could access alert videos (cloud recordings) under the individual camera not just under the notifications tab.