Lost Motion Alerts on Cam Pan as of 6/1/20

I see this issue listed as recently resolved on the Wzye support site, however it’s still affecting me.

I did also contact support and have a ticket opened, but they indicate longer than normal wait times for resolution so posting here in case others had this and have a work around. I’ve unplugged and plugged the power back in and the internet connection is solid. Live playback is perfect.

I have two cameras, one at my apartment is the basic Wyze cam, and the Cam Pan one here at my girlfriends. The camera at my place works fine, I see Motion events in my Events tab in the iOS app, however as of 6/1/2020, the pan camera does not list nor alert any Motion events.

The apartment here is very active, so there usually is motion alerts all day. Now all alerts are Sound no motion.

Here’s the specs for all of it:

  • I have two iPhones, my personal iPhone XS and my work iPhone XS Max. Personal iphone runs the beta app v2.11.30 and work iphone app is v2.10.72. BOTH apps show lack of motion alerts for the Cam Pan.
    *My girlfriend has an iPhone X and runs the regular app v2.10.72 and also no Motion alerts for the Cam Pan.
    *Cam Pan Firmware is greyed out at v4.10.6.59 with NA, and other camera has firmware v4.9.6.59
    *All app settings were checked: Event Recording has the settings set to Detects Motion and Detects sound =ON, Schedule set to “All day”. Send Notifications = ON, Person, All Other Motion, and Sound all are set to ON. Detection Settings > Motion Detection Settings are set at 55 with no Detection Zone, Sound is set to 35
    Only other odd thing to mention but I think is unrelated but interested in a fix if possible is that when I open either app on any of the phones the Home screen shows stills of my apartment cam and my girlfriends apartment, on hers it has a cloud with a strike through it saying OFFLINE but it’s clearly online and I click it and see live stream vid with sound etc.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Welcome to the Wyze community!
You could try factory power cycling the cameras. If that doesn’t work then you might have to factory reset the cameras. This should fix the notifications and the offline issues.

FWIW I had this issue come back again for my Pan Cam, but I think I may have found the culprit. I have a Norton Core Router and have had it for a while. Norton notified they were no longer supporting and we got very few communications and updates. Since COVID it seems to have gotten some new life and support. They announced a new feature called Intelligent Scan and Detection where it scans devices on your network for vulnerabilities and weak passwords and alerts you to either situation. Yesterday after again having to unplug power and plug back in to clear the “Offline” message on the Home screen of the app as I’ve done daily even though I restored the camera to factory default (although it was again working fine beyond that and because of that Offline message it affected the Motion sensor tied to it) .

I disabled this Intelligent Scan and Detection, also removed it from being “managed” by the Norton Core Router and havent seen the issue since. All seems to be well, so looks like the router was my problem here.

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