Issues on Pan and outdoor cams

Good morning everyone. I have a couple issues that have been going on since getting CAMPLUS. First off I’m not getting any notifications anymore for the last week( yes I’ve made sure the option is on etc etc); upon getting licenses I stopped being alerted of person detection on both cams. My Pan cam will not detect motion, it detects sound and records but not motion. I have reset the cam in the app and have to hard reset it once a week. My Outdoor cam recordings keep giving me errors on some videos ( the pics that say 0 sec on the list, as well as the pics on the list that show the camera and not the image), error messages are attached as well. If anyone has any suggestions on what the issues are please let me know. I don’t have SD cards. Thinking my next step is to delete the devices and reinstall?

Have you made sure your firmware and your Wyze app are up to date?

Yes I have