V3 Pan Cam Issues Galore

Ever since we’ve replaced ALL of our outdoor wyze camera with the V3 Pan Cam, we’ve had nothing but issues. Most recently, an assault happened in our front yard. The police officer asked for video footage. The camera spontaneously stopped working or went offline one hour before the event. It recorded everything prior to that. The cameras constantly go offline. We can’t pan or use the microphone without crashing and going offline. Trying to view a camera is another issue. When it doesn’t work which is 90% of the time, it shows trying to connect and tries 3 times before going offline. When we’re not home we can’t unplug the camera. Restart does nothing. Clearing cache on app does nothing.

On top of this, we’ve called support MULTIPLE times. When i called today, they have NO record of any of our past calls.

We have done every possible troubleshooting one can do.

New units
New router
New cords
New wifi extenders
Deleted and re-added to app
I’m sure I’m missing something but we’ve done it.

I just saw a petition to force wyze to recall the v3 pan cameras. This sounds like a known issue not specific to us. In this case, I’m onboard.

Our home is small. We have fast internet speed. Older wyze cameras all worked great.

Please fix before we call it a loss and get rid of all our wyze devices, and we have them all (lights, scale, cameras, locks, plugs).


Oh yeah latest firmware. Rebooted. Deleted and Re added. Etc

How are you powering the units? Length of cords? What power bricks are being used? Seeing this:

Makes me think power is the issue. Do you use the IR lights? How do they handle those? How many camera locations are we talking here? How many other Wi-Fi clients do you have? What’s the exterior of your house made of? Have you brought some cameras inside to try to see if they work near the Wi-Fi source?

Stoped recording to SD card or cloud?

Sorry lots of questions but hopeing to help troubleshoot these with you. :slight_smile:

My thought too.

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And maybe even some signal degradation from the building construction with them being exterior due to their talk of new extenders and routers didn’t help.

My cam pan v3 (3) are out this evening. The unreliability is frustrating. Forget them for any home security. More like toys. Sorry I bought the cloud service.


I finally decided to fix all my connectivity, grainy footage and recording issues and I’m replacing all my Wyze cams 3 & Pan for Reolink POE 4k cams. No more problems accessing my cams or video footage because the camera decided to stop working during those times and being unable to identify faces due to low resolution pixelated footage. They say we get what we pay for and isn’t that the truth. I find it pointless paying Cam+ for a service you can’t access when you most need it and it failed me at least 7 times just in the last 3 months and a few times when it was absolutely critical (vandalism), Lesson well learned and I no longer trust Amazon product reviews. Good luck…

The model of Reolink cameras I had could not follow motion on a vertical plane, only horizontally. They could not follow someone walking up my sidewalk towards the camera. They would walk under the field of view just before I could see their face. The cam pan v3 can look straight to the ground if necessary.
I did like all the configuration that could be done in the camera settings. I may go for a better model than I had before. I like the zoom feature. They are good cameras.

Thanks for the heads up Eric. I’ll keep it in mind when testing.