Wyze Cam Pan v3 Unworkable

Have used a couple of Cam Pan v3 cameras for a couple of months, and can say that while the features are impressive, the product does not live up to them. Forget about Panscan or Waypoints; the camera simply does not return to the correct position, making Detection Zones meaningless. Forget about Location Triggers; they simply do not work. And every time the power goes out or you do a firmware update, you have to start over with setup; the cameras do not even remember their position. Whether it’s the firmware or the App, the product is does not live up to its hype.


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These are all issues that have been discussed here in the forum since the PanV3 release. They have been acknowledged by Wyze and are being actively worked.

There is currently a Beta Firmware Release in testing that is working to address some of these issues:

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Here are some threads that were previously discussing these issues: