Last firmware update January 2024 cams drop connection

Here is is the firmware that has screwed my cameras up these are firmware updates from January 2024 Cam V3 firmware three of these, Cam Pan V3 firmware two of these Cam Pan Firmware one of these. I was really sold on install more of these but the firmware has created multiple problems for me. These 6 cams operated perfectly well before updating the firmware and now they seldom connect without having to turn them off and back on. I installed a new router today thinking the old router was going bad but guess what same issue with my Wyze cams on new router. Darn firmware bug that the software writers know it is. Now I can completely switch to a competitors cameras that do not have issues like these. Its up to Wyze to correct this firmware problem that they pushed out.


Second this. Something is seriously wrong with for Wyze Cam Pan.

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Same here. After the latest firmware updates my cameras are not connecting. Any news on fix to this?

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I’ve been having the same issue for weeks. Multiple cameras both pan V1 and V2 as well as other cameras. Ever since the firmware update they can’t find the network. If Wyze doesn’t fix this I might as well replace my 25 cameras with a competitor

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Been experiencing the same issues since January, too. V3 cameras. Can’t connect to live-feed anywhere outside of home WIFI network. Need to go in to the gear menu of eac individual camera and hit “restart camera” every time. Holds for about 5minutes then if I close the app and reopen it I have to repeat the same process.

Please fix this, WYZE!


I started having this issue last month. I tried changing the access point (AP) and switch, but I’m still experiencing the same issue. I contacted Wyze support, and they keep telling me to restart the camera, log out and log back into the app. They suggest it might be my upload speed, so they advised me to change the feed to 360. Having issue with V2 , V3 , V4 and pan V3

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All 3 of my cameras dropped their connection to my network and refuse to reconnect. Wyze (human) customer support chat was completely useless (“Try power cycling the camera”; uh, really?)

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I’m also having this issue with my cam pan v3, it’s so unstable right now.

I’m having issues with the V2 cameras connecting.
Cameras are up to date on firmware- I checked.
They were working properly so I really don’t understand what is going on. Chatted online with Wyze tech but after following recommendations cameras still do not connect( I power cycled camera, disconnected for 30 seconds, logged off and tried many times )
Cameras do say “set up complete”