Wyze Cam v2, Pan & Plug Outdoor Firmware Beta Test 1/25/2021

Wyze Cam v2: 4.9.6. 237
Wyze Cam Pan: 4.10.6. 237

RC Release
Release notes: (compared to 4.X.6.235)

New Features:

  • None


  • Re-adjusted the motion sensitivity level per beta testers’ feedback.


• Cam Plus Event Video push notifications
• Wyze Cam time stamps
• Overall camera performance and stability


• Cam Plus displayed video length may be shorter than the actual video length in slower network environments

Wyze Plug Outdoor

version: 1.2.0. 72


  • Fixed bugs in schedules.

@WyzeAndy Cam Pans Updated. V2s are not showing the updated version. So my response is limited to just the Cam Pans at this time.

I have Cam Plus on 2 of my cameras… person detection push notifications are working as expected.

However neither have the extended vehicle and package options that were announced in a previous beta release.

Time stamps are working as expected on the Cam Pan and
Performance is fine using th Wyze app… viewing on Amazon still buffers every 2-5 seconds.

I also don’t see the update for the V2 Camera’s.

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Wonder if being held back on V2s because of an issue? Same for me…just the Pans showing update.

Its up now for V2.

I also had an update for WCO Base (base only) bringing it to

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Detection zones still working? Because I have videos of things being detected WAAAAY out of the detection zone in this update. Looks like it’s broke again.

Also I’ve noticed a bug where you view a video via the Android notifications dropdown and you cannot use the playback button as it says you have no SD card. Then you can press back and any other video you choose will play the previous video again. When you press back once again, you’ll see the entire list is only that 1 video. You can fix this by pulling down and refreshing the list.
(It seems like accessing a video from the Android notification bar breaks the app and retrieves only that one video until you refresh the list.)


I have noticed this as well

Its an issue with the app and not firmware, Ive been reporting same for the past four/five app releases. Its super annoying…

If you refresh the events screen (drag down) it resets it, but still a pain in the neck.

Why can’t my V2 cams see this firmware update ? They are all at @WyzeAndy

App is at 2.17.21. When I go to Firmware Update, it says up-to-date for all of them.

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