Wyze Issue 'No microSD card installed in camera' False Error

This is a sequence of repeatable steps that produce the false error message ‘No microSD card installed in camera’ when a Wyze camera Motion Event notification is received on the phone.

Phone Motion Event (V2 or/and V3) Notification received.
Drag Phone Notification screen down and select Wyze Event notification.
Wyze phone app launches and the Event video plays for 12 seconds.
Select Wyze app ‘Playback’ button. Payback video does not play and false error ‘No microSD card installed in camera’ (SD card is installed in both cameras).
Select Wyze app ‘Home’ screen. The Motion event that caused the phone notification is NOT displayed.
Close the Wyze app. Open the Wyze app and select the ‘Events’ button.
The Motion event that caused the phone notification is NOW displayed on the Event screen.
Select this Event, its 12 second video plays. Select ‘Playback’, The Event SD stored video plays correctly.

If the Phone Wyze Motion Event notification is ignored and the Wyze app launched manually, selecting the Motion Event that caused the Phone notification will play the 12 second video.
When ‘Playback’ is selected, the SD card Event recorded video will play correctly.

Phone: Samsung S7 on Android 8.0.0
Wyze Phone App: 2.16.23
Wyze V2 Camera:
Wyze V3 Camera:


I’m experiencing the exact same issue.

This is likely connected to an issue Ive been reporting since they changed how notifications work.

If you open notification and event plays, then you hit back button and tap any other event, it will only ever play that first event unless you refresh the page. (Backing out subsequent times will actually only show the single event until you refresh)

My assumption is that its saving a variable from the notification (because it now has to make a decision as to whether it shows the event or goes to live feed) and not properly clearing it which is causing havoc.

I just followed steps you listed and see the same outcome.

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