Can't view playback - says "No Micro SD Card Installed" when there is

Just installed this Wyze Cam V2 on 1/31, and it had been working fine, until just now. i am away from home, and I am getting the Event notifications for Motion detection, but when i try to “view playback”, it gives me a “No Micro SD card” error. it had been working fine yesterday. i’m not sure if the SD is full, or what might’ve happened, but i can’t get home to try to fix it until tonight. Local storage shows that it should be recording to the SD Card, but the SD Card storage amount also shows “10 MB/ 0 MB”, which is odd. again, it was working fine yesterday, and i did not change anything on it. it is recording events, so it’s recording them somewhere, and the live stream playback works fine. View playback was working yesterday afternoon just fine. what could have possibly happened between then and now?? if the SD Card fills up, shouldn’t it loop and start recording over the old footage?

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Some SD cards do not play well with the camera. What it should do is when it gets to the end of it’s capacity it should just roll over and start recording over itself again. That’s the way it’s designed. Sounds like you might have an SD card that’s not playing well. It’s recommended that you get SD cards that are specifically made for camcorders cameras things like that. And that’s it’s formatted at Fat32. I always format mine in the camera and I’ve never had a problem

the SD card is a 128 GB Samsung Evo SD Card, which i’ve read from many other users that they work fine in the camera. it was formatted using the camera itself as well. and again, it was working fine yesterday, but now the playback is suddenly not working, and it says there is no sd card. i’ve been recording in HD, and i was anticipating a bit more than 3 days of recording, based on what i’ve read from other users. when i get home from work today, i’m going to try to take the SD card out, and put it back in, maybe reset the camera itself too, but for now, i’m at a loss. also, I’m still getting notifications from Motion Sensor Events.

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I Would do exactly what you just said. And if that doesn’t work I would start a support ticket. But back to the SD card even recording in HD it wouldn’t matter how many days it recorded because it’s set up to record over itself so it would continuously record and would never basically end out.

Cards can fail. I’ve had a few fail. Try a different card, and / or try that card is something that is known good - a PC for example.
I highly recommend cards that are specifically designed for camera use. Cameras produce a far higher card write count than most other applications, and standard cards will fail sooner. Here are the cards I have been using (have not had one fail - yet):


Yep I told him to you use cards that are for cameras and video also. And you use the exact same cards that I use and I’ve had zero issues too.

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I had the same issue after recent beta app update. I went into the camera settings > advanced > local storage and then turned the feature off and then back on. Works fine now.

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Ok, so i got home yesterday after work, and i restarted the camera from the app on my phone. it clicked a few times, and reset. i went back to the live stream, and selected the view playback button once it had restarted, and then it was available again. so that is definitely good. here’s the thing though, now, there are gaps in the playback video at various times for various lengths of time. it’s not overly often, but often enough to make me wonder wth is going on. one gap was about 10+ minutes long. i figured the Samsung Evo Select would be good enough for using with this camera, but i’ve already placed an order for the Samsung Pro Endurance SD Card. i will test that one out, and hope that it does a better job than the Evo. the Pro Endurance is made for higher read/write capabilities, just as you said. so once that arrives tomorrow, i will insert it, and i’ll get back with you all after a few days and give you a progress update. i appreciate the tips from everyone!

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Mine do this all the time. I back out of the app and restart it and they’re usually ok.

I was just viewing playback. When I went to the next camera, it prompted to update. I accepted the update on 3 cameras. Every camera that updated, said that the SD card is unavailable, immediately after. Restarting the app, which the support page recommends, does not solve the issue.

Reformat cards will help.
Wyze indicated tgey bought new SD card software code licence and will be in new firmware. not sure which model gets it first.

I don’t think it’s the SD cards. I have had the issue on 3 Wyze cams in the last 72 hours and believe it is a result of a recent software upgrade or something else on Wyze’s end. Ejecting SD card and restarting cam solved it in only one of my cams.

I still haven’t resolved the issue on 2 of the 3 cameras and formatting the SD cards from the cameras doesn’t seem to do anything.

I’m convinced that this issue is on Wyze’s end OR that the Wyze camera is somehow no longer properly interacting with the SD card.

I have been having the same problem on my cameras off and on for several months now. I go to look at the full video on the SD card and the camera says there is nothing there. I format the card and still nothing records. I eject the card and re-install and format again and sometimes that works on the first try other times it takes 2 or 3 tries. It then works for a month or two and then I see either that camera or another one doing the same thing.