No playback on sd card with latest update

I just updated my v1 cam with the latest firmware release and can no longer record anything on the sd card - has never been a problem before. I’ve tried resetting, reformatting the card, restarting the app and the cam but nothing works. Live viewing, motion detection recording still work and sd card is detected. Anyone else experiencing the same issue with the latest upgrade?

what card are you using?

and you said you were able to format the card, did you format it while in the camera or in a computer?

I had the same issue with the new software. one cam no longer recognized a SD card was present.
I unplugged it and reset it but nothing helped.
I had to remove the Cam and set it up again as a new device and then it worked.

Thanks for the response - I used the “format sd card” option through the Wyze app’s advanced settings. Is there a different way that resolves this problem?

My card is a Kingston 32GB microSDHC class 10 UHS-1 memory card (FAT32 file format). As mentioned it’s worked great until I did an update (no idea when I last updated software but am regretting my choice now).

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Thanks for the suggestion. I tried pressing the reset button and going through a new device setup (using the QR code) but the problem still persists. Any other thoughts?

not at all, that is the best way to try first. when you did it, did it give you an operation failed notice or anything like that?

under advanced settings where you can see the space available in the card, what does yours say is available?

Hmm, that field is blank! See screenshot - what does this mean and is this leading to the problem?

hmm that is quite interesting. because the option to record to an SD card is there I think the card is being recognized, but not showing the space makes me think there is an error on the card.

do you have a computer you could put it in to do a format and an error check on it?

Thanks for the advice - I think my computer can take this card - but I have no idea how to then format it for the cam through my laptop - are you able to help with directions?

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