SD Card No longer Visible

Earlier today I setup my Cam V2, and installed my Wyze SD32MB card, It beeped when first installed and I formatted it using the app, now it cannot be detected. I have tried many different options, removed rebooted installed with no power, with power, connected to app not logged in, logged in and so on, but no luck, any suggestions?

Try the card in a computer or another device

Since you used Wyze SD 32GB card, hope it can be accessed/reformatted with your PC/notebook to prove that the micro sd card is fine.
I had tested the WyzeCam V2 sd card slot itself by running the device firmware downgrade. I can complete the downgrade which it need to read the firmware file stored in the micro SD card. (both the card and the slot reader are working)
I have sent a report an Issue to the Support team to investigate in their firmware and/or Wyze App programming.
If you would like to test your micro SD card reader/slot , follow this link

Thanks for the info. I am currently running FW in Camera. Will reformat the card on my and see if that fixes it.

So I for formatted the card with my PC and Waze can see it now. When I slide the button over to record locally it is fine but as soon as I hit the back button at the top left, the hour glass refreshes for a few seconds and then is goes back to normal. So it appears fine but it doesn’t record on the card. When I go back and check the record locally button it is still on record, and it shows the card storage size etc. Fyi using I am using an iPhone Xr.

Not sure why but it is working now. Maybe first time it needs to find the card or something…

New question though, it is recoding to the SD card and the cloud, is this normal?