Issue after latest V2 Cam Firmware Update

I have experienced a problem with the Wyze app version 2.22.21. When I view an event video (12 sec), at the end of the clip, if I click on the playback icon at the bottom of the screen, I receive a warning that “No micro SD card installed in camera”. I can go back to the home screen and select the camera and select Playback, and then view the video without any issue.

After taking those steps, I can go back to the same event video and when I click on the playback icon, it works - it switches to video playback without any warning about the SD card.

I have attached a screenshot of the notice.

I have four V2 cameras, all using firmware, and I have duplicated the error on each camera. I have Samsung SD cards in the cameras, either 32G or 64G.

This issue appears to have started after the last camera firmware update.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?