Unable to View Playback (the cam has a SD card)

I am using Wyze Cam v3 with firmware version The cam has a SD card installed. The recording is working properly. On the “Events” page, when I check an event and press “Playback”, the app says “Unable to View Playback To view playback … insert a microSD card”.

Looks like the app has a bug given that my cam has a SD card.


Widely discussed here on the forum. SOME people are seeing that.


Any customer support from Wyze can respond?

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Forget Customer Support, they know about the issue. Submit a log with date and time like numerous other users have. Tag @WyzeJasonJ
Reddit - When clicking on microSD from the Event Tab it says there is no microSD installed

The engineers are looking into this. If this is happening to you, can you submit a log and let me know the log number?

In the Wyze app, go to Account > Wyze Support > Submit a Log. Select your device from the dropdown menu. Then fill in the description box with the date, time, and time zone of the most recent time you noticed this issue and a description of what’s happening. Make sure the Send Logs option is selected and then submit your log. When you have the log number, please post it and tag me so I can get it to the right folks.

I suspect if this is a bug or an intended “feature”. If you have more than n cameras, you will lose the function to view the event playback even if you have a SD card installed.


The issue is you can not view the SD card recordings playback from the events page. Playback of the entire SD from live view works just fine and playback of events saved on the cloud also work just fine.

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My 2 cameras (v3) are fine but I recently installed a new one and the new one is the one having the issue of not recording the playback. They are all up to date and have the same version. Why is just the new one not working and showing my recordings?

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I wish I knew. The newest of my five V3 cams is the only one with the issue.

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Encountered SD card not found. I have read many complaints about this and it finally struck home. One V2 out of 7 cams.

Help please @WyzeJasonJ

I will troubleshoot later tonight.

Well… I restarted the cam and had a couple of Mojitos. I went to cook dinner on an outdoor grill and forgot about my cam issue.

Hours later, I looked at the cam and found the issue resolved itself. I could now see the earlier events. I can also see that my card has data on it. This may not be the same issue others are having since a reboot took care of my issue.

Same issue for me on my latest v3. Here is the log, 1406016