No SD card playback of events

I manage my mother-in-law’s Wyze cams as well as my own. I added an SD card to one of her cameras and set it to continuously record. I use the Android and she uses the iOS app. The events tab is grayed out on both of our apps. Using her app, I was able to confirm that the camera is recording to the SD card and was able to manually view playback.

When viewing my own cameras in the app, I’m able to go to the events tab, click on an event, and view the video from the SD card. Can anyone explain why we can’t do this with her camera?

Additional: according to this article from Wyze, it should be possible.

Are the cameras at both locations using the same Wyze account or are there separate Wyze login accounts and the cameras at your in-laws house on a separate account and shared with you?

@K6CCC - My mother-in-law is on a separate account that is shared with me.

Shared accounts don’t have access to events.

@K6CCC - Thank you but the same thing happens when using her iPhone and signed into her account.

Anybody else have an idea how to correct this issue?

I have the exact same problem. I can “manually” playback video from the SD card, but the text under the Playback icon is greyed out. Anther quirk is I have to scroll all the way down to the last event, then tap “All Events” before the Playback Icon is visible…

I should be able to just tap the event and tap playback, not scrolling to the end, then tapping all events.

@c6phil - Maybe we’ll get lucky and somebody will chime in here with a solution.

I think the only solution is to subscribe to their service. I just signed up for cam+ and everything works perfectly. They must be preventing playback unless you pay the fee.
Plan to cancel before the free trial expires.
Pretty unfair.

You ABSOLUTELY do not need any sort of CamPlus subscription to view uSD card recordings.

Please explain how to do this with Wyze CamPan V3.
Not just a broad brush explanation, YouTube has many of them that no longer work, but step by step, using the camera below and the latest app.

Link to V3 pro.

First of all. Your text says Pan V3, but the link says V3 Pro, but the link goes to the Pan V3. So hopefully that is what you are talking about. However both use the “new” UI but because the Pan is a Pan camera, it looks a bit different. My screen captures are from a Pan V3.
In the image below, the red arrow points to the SD Card icon. That gets you to uSD Card playback. More on that in the second image. At the bottom of the screen capture in the green box is recent events. More on that in the 3rd image.

When you click on the SD Card icon, you will get the timeline as seen below in the blue box. Any events will have an event type icon as pointed out with the gold arrow. In this case, it is a sound event. You can scroll up and down along the timeline, or change dates from the left and right arrows above the blue box, or select the date and that will give a calendar to select the date.

In the last screen capture, if you swipe up on the Recent Events label as seen in the first image, you will get a listing of events. You can scroll up and down to see more events and if you select an event (the red arrows), you will see that event.

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First, Thank you for the detailed example and yes, I was talking about V3 PAN. I have the same cams you are running. I guess we have different opinions of “working”. My system works EXACTLY as you describe in your example.

Guess I was expecting a little more functionality. Like clicking on the event to start the video that triggered the event and the recorded video plays back, like it works on the paid sub, rather than clicking events or swiping up to see events, then looking at the time of the event, then scrolling through the SDcard to that particular event to start playback.

In my mind, this is a manual process ad contradicts what their tech support is saying. I have numerous responses from them telling me to simply tap the Playback Icon which is greyed out.

Again, thanks. I wouldn’t mind paying the subscription charges to keep the behavior of the app but don’t want my data on their servers. I’d pay the charge but data has to stay locally

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OK, you were talking about uSD Card playback from the events tab - something I essentially NEVER use. I recall some discussion here on the forum about that not working for some people. In other words, a known issue. Can’t give you any more details.

For Cam Pan v3, tapping the Playback button on the event screen from a notification is bugged.

Depending on your app version, you’ll either see grayed out text under the Playback icon and tapping the icon is inoperable or you’ll see a “MicroSD Card Not Found” error message when tapping the Playback icon even though you have an SD card installed. I’m not sure what the status is on this fix. Perhaps @WyzeJasonJ can shed some light on this issue.

Variation1 (seen in current production Android app) : Grayed out text under icon/icon inop:

Variation 2 (seen in current beta Android app): MicroSD Card Not Found:

This issue is also listed in the latest Fix-It-Friday topic:

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I have issues with Pan Cam v3 reading from the SD card. I have submitted log 324249.

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At least I know I’m not nuts, or too stupid to get this working. I can also send in logs but sounds like you have enough of them already and they just need to find the time to get it working.

Presently I have 8 high end PTZ cameras running on Blue Iris via RTSP which monitor a pretty large outdoor area and would like to switch over to Wyze if I can get all cameras viewing on a flatscreen. I wasn’t initially impressed with how it worked but there are a lot of nice features on it.

The knowledge here on the forums is exactly what i need and much better than the response from bots via email.

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So oddly enough the SD cards on all my cameras started magically working after subscribing to Cam+ unlimited edition. This is proof that there are no bugs, and this is deliberate. Simply put, they were preventing me from accessing the SDcard until I pay them.

I would think this is grounds for a class action suit.

Lots of tin foil stuff lately.