Wyze cam v3 playback not available on recorded events in micro sd


I just purchased a new Wyze cam v3 indoor & outdoor and have inserted my own MicroSD card into the camera, and it seems to be visible in the camera’s settings (in advanced settings). I configured it to record “events only”. However, when I go to the events tab in the bottom menus in the app, and click on an event, the playback icon at the bottom is greyed out and I am unable to find the recording of the event anywhere in the app. How do I view the event recording?


Yes, there is a known issue where SOME V3 cameras are having that problem. You should be able to see your µSD card recordings via the big green “View Playback” at the bottom of the camera main page.
For whatever it’s worth, none of my 19 V3 cameras are having that problem - at least not that I’ve noticed. I don’t use the Events tab all that often and essentially never then try to go to the µSD card playback from the events tab - so I may have just never noticed it…
There is some speculation that it is certain batches of V3 cameras that have this issue. I just looked at my camera listing and I have V3 cameras that have activation dates of: Dec. 2020, Mar., June, & Oct. 2021, and Jan., & July 2023. I did take a look at at least one event from each of those date ranges (except the last one - no events), and then click the Playback button to confirm it it worked. They all worked fine.

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Having same issue with a new v3. Only take Event photo and no ‘Continuous’ video, hence no playback!

3 old v3s Event playback working correctly. Same settings on all 4 cams.

Were you able to fix this and if so, how? Thanks

@williamjiang20 , join the crowd. I have five V3 Cams and my newest installed in March 2024 is the only one that will not playback the SD from the events page but it will playback from continuous recording on a 128GB SD card. This has been an ongoing issue for months.


The microSD card not found from playback on the events tab is a fault. From the camera home live view page, the view playback bar at the bottom should be highlighted (green in my app), click on it and card will be accessed giving you timeline screen and options. I don’t use less than 128gb cards and get mixed results with different cameras from the events tab. All have cards and none have been corrupted from any updates. All sd cards I buy come with the adapter for a computer sd slot, Otherwise, you need to buy a usb supported reader for your phone or computer.

Was not able to fix this

So the solution is to just ignore the microcardSD card not found from playback issue in the events tab and resort to viewing the timeline from the “view playback” screen?

I see, yeah I ordered this camera just this month so it seems like this is some issue introduced in the newer cameras… would be great if there’s a fix to this but I guess if you’ve had this issue for months then it’s just something we have to deal with…

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I’ve had a v3 since 2022 which I use as a window cam.

I’ve had Cloud storage for my cams since the beginning and never had to use an SD Card. The last 6 months or so it hasn’t been recording events and a popup says I need an SD Card.

Any suggestions/comments appreciated.

I have tested and retested every use case…the only things I have not tried is i) another new v3 camera…in case my new one is faulty and ii) a software fix, which is out of my hands.

I will return and try another new cam v3… in the hope that I get one from a good batch…

WYZE cannot expect clients to use workarounds or not have basic functionality working…given the blogs I’ve read, surely this would be a BIG win for their long suffering users! Come on WYZE…please fix this.

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Why not avoid the frustration and just use the camera home live page playback. Not all cameras have the view playback button at the bottom. Some give you the sd card icon along with thumbnails of recent events for that camera. Since you know you have an sd card inserted, you get the intended results. If there is failure with the card, there won’t be any thumbnails or no access using the sd card icon or view playback button will not be highlighted.

I wish Wyze had standardized the playback operations on all cameras. I’ve got several camera models and have to contend with 3 to 4 sd card playback viewing methods.

Waste of time, others have done that, received the new replacement cams that have had the same thing. At least mine will playback the SD from the live view for now but if I was going to get another plug in cam I would get a V4 for $10.00 more.
My V4 has not had any issues with recording cam plus events, playback of the SD from events or live view.


I’d like to deploy these :point_up: but I don’t fancy rolling the :game_die: and this is a key feature for me. I’ve got cotton more than once in some edge case idiocy I cannot back out of by being too optimistic in these re.

In Wyze’s defense:

buttressed by the 2000 pound bomb @carverofchoice drops here occasionally, he probably knows the one. :slight_smile:

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I can’t get v4s in the UK. WYZE Amazon seller only selling v3s… have contacted Support to see if they can supply V4s to the UK.

It worked for my friend. He had the greyed-out issue. I told him to return the one cam and order two to double his chances. He was Lucky on both. There is no definitive answer to this issue.

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Gremlins :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yeah I guess if you are purchasing from Amazon you can keep sending them back and getting new ones to try until you get a good one that works or they cut :scissors: you off. :grin:

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Think lucky. He won on first return. :four_leaf_clover:

But this is lame, doncha think? Last night I wasn’t getting any notifications which is when I usually get most and I immediately thought, ‘Jeez, your curiousity got you again, checking out the new Multi-Cam Timeline feature snogged your notifications! Aaaaaagh!

I resisted making changes (only checking settings) and it resolved itself within a couple of hours.

But this is no way to live, imo. :slight_smile:

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Agreed. Micro aggression or just plain torture.

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