Wyze cam v3 playback not available on recorded events in micro sd


I now, after resetting my window v3 camera, have event recording in the Cloud viewable on my desktop computer but not on my Samsung phone.

I do have Cloud recording for my v3 Pan camera on both desktop and phone.

Wyze website viewing in browser on your phone or Wyze app on your phone?


Sorry, this one has me stumped. The one time I experienced anything close to this turned out to be a microsd card that could no longer be written to by the camera. It was about 98% full (128gb) but would not accept overwrites nor display recent video. I found files when I viewed the sd card on my
computer. Last daily video files saved were from 7 months ago. There were files from day installed to day recording stopped. New card fixed the problem, but the old card could not be reformatted. I have found that an sd card that stops working and cannot be formatted in the camera, gets locked and write-protected and becomes useless except for viewing older saved files.

Maybe try a less expensive card to abate cost. I’ve had reasonable longevity results with Silicon Power and Lexar cards. Stay away from Team, they don’t last in Wyze cameras.

Keep posting if you find a solution or other user’s come to rescue.

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Using Wyze app on mobile phone. Basic license, as wanted to use SD local storage

Tried numerous Sandisk SD cards, which work in the other v3s, just not in the new v3.

Can access and play event recordings on PC, just not via Events; Playback on the app.

As others have said, this seems to be a hardware problem with some v3s, not being able to playback from Event recordings.

Have decided to return the new cam and try my luck with a another camera.

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This is the screen I get also on my phone for the v3.
I can view events on my PC.

For my v3Pan I can view events on my phone.

The strange thing is I never used an SD card in the v3…everything went to the Cloud and I could view Events.

Going to get a fresh Card and see what happens.

Thanks for the replies from all.

This is what playback of the SD card from the Events page is supposed to do and it works on all my cams except the newest V3.

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As said in other threads and post #2 of this thread, this is a known issue with a fairly small percentage of V3 cameras. There is speculation that it related to a manufacturing batch. As far as I know, all of mine are OK.

I am not sure if it is a small percentage. Do you have stats to show that?

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Only anticdotal evidence here. Most of the people who have lots of V3 cameras reporting either none or a small number of their cameras are having this issue. As I said earlier, of my 19 V3 cameras that were bought in six different batches, none have this issue.

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Very good. So far I have no issues on my 7 cams. Friend resolved his one issue by replacing unit.

128GB SD Card installed and now getting Event recording on my phone for window v3.

Thanks all.

Is anyone having this issue with a new v3 cam and a sd card purchased from wyze? I bought my SD card from Amazon and cannot view events from the sd card. I was wondering if a sd card from wyze would fix the issue.

I did order a fresh 128GB SD Card from Wyze and it works fine.

I would think SD’s from other brands will work also.

As has been said earlier in this thread and others as well, SOME V3 cameras are having this issue - most are not. It’s likely not an issue with the µSD card. If you look at “View Playback” which directly accesses the µSD card recordings, does that work. Most are reporting that the only place the µSD card recording does not work is if trying to access via the Events tab.

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Until recently, Wyze only had 32gb cards. Amazon and NewEgg are where I usually go for 128/256gb cards. No issues with cards and playback except for a couple that failed.

Again, beating a dead horse…

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I only use 32 GB cards from Amazon that are nothing special. I have no issues. The problem must be somewhere else.

Time to bury this dead horse.