Playback issue with my V3

I’m having an issue with one of my V3 cameras. I have several of them so I know how they’re supposed to work. Normally when I want to watch an event playback I go to the event tab and select the video I want to see… at the end of the 12 second clip, I simply select playback and it goes to that particular video.
With this new camera I have when I select an event and try to watch the playback. It tells me no SD card installed. Well, there is an SD card installed and it’s new. So is the V3 camera. All of my other cameras play the video clip when I select the event and then hit playback. Now the only way I can view of playback is to view it from the event tab list. Can anyone tell me what the issue is?

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I have the same problem with 3 of my cams

There are scores of post on the forum about the same issue, just do a search. I have one of five V3 cams with the same issue. WYZE knows about it since it has been around since February 2024. They said they are working on it. Submit a log and join the large crowd.

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@Antonius @denise.kersting
I have submitted a log for this problem and the number is 1399066.

Please keep me posted on this. It is a significant problem for me.

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You and everyone else including me. Your should tag @WyzeJasonJ so he can get the log to the right folks.

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I just tried to tag Wyze Jason Jay. Hope that worked. Thutch4

If I get another new Wyze V3 will it still have the same problem. In other words are all the new V3 cameras coming through with this fault right now?

I got two V3 cams two weeks apart. The first one I had to update the firmware six times to get it current and it works just fine with playback of SD from the events page. The second V3 and newest needed the firmware updated four times and that one will not playback the SD from the events page but it does playback the SD from life view just fine. Both cams are on continuous recording.
I also got a V4 cam at the end of March and that also is able to view SD playback from the events page without an issues.I would not purchase another V3 until the issue is resolved. I love the V3 cams but I don’t need anymore headaches.

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Are both of your newly setup v3 cameras on Cam Plus or Cam Plus Lite? Just trying to see if this is a factor with Playback or not.

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They are both on Cam Plus unlimited. The first one that works was set of 2/23/2024, The newest and problem child was set up 3/12/2024. I’ve had CP unlimited since October 2023. My other three V3 cams have no issues.

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I’m on the basic plan (free) plan, I also submitted a log 1399087


@Antonius @StevenA @denise.kersting @WyzeJasonJ

Antonious, after you reading your post, I went back to see how the firmware was on my camera that I originally reported on at the beginning of this thread. It was not up-to-date so therefore, I had to do an update twice to get it to the latest version. It did not help. I still have the original problem. I am also still wondering if I purchased a new V3 would still have this problem or would it be OK with a new cam. Wondering if it’s a hardware or firmware issue. Seems to me if it was a firmware issue then updating to the latest version would solve the problem, but like one of yours it did not. What am I missing?

No idea but there is a very large group of people that have the same issue, it is not just a “few”.
Just get a V4, it’s safer. :grin:

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I might be able to add some additional insight. In December 2022, I bought three v3 cameras. I setup up two immediately in 2022. Those two v3 cameras setup fine and are still working perfectly today. The third v3 was sitting on a shelf until I set it up last month (March 2024) which is having the Playback SD card problem. Since all three v3 cameras came with the same firmware (, the problem must be how the cameras update multiple time to get to the current firmware version OR with how the current App version deals with SD cards on newly setup cameras. I am Tagging @WyzeJasonJ
so he has this information.

@ WyzeJasonJ
Having not experienced anything like this issue before can anyone enlighten me on how long it will take Wyze to resolve this rather bothersome situation. Should I anticipate a short term (a few days) or long term (more than a week) to have a fix out there for us ?

Long Term for sure.

I remember around December 2022, v3 camera firmware introduced a bug that caused Event video to drop frames. Finally corrected around March 2023.

I wanted you included in this discussion.
Is it true that there will not be an expeditious solution to this problem ?
If that’s the case I need to know if purchasing another V3 will get me out of this dilemma. Please advise….

No idea. Jason has acknowledged this for Wyze and they are working on the issue. Like stated above several folks have encountered this issue. The lastest fix-it-friday has the lastest newest from Wyze and Jason on the issue (which was also stated above). This may be new to you, but it’s been effecting folks for a bit so we are past the days and weeks. But with more folks that are experiencing this and submitting logs, it will help the folks investigating this get to the bottom of it and get a fix.

Keep an eye on the fix-it-friday s for updates.