Cannot view playback

I bought a Wyze Cam V2 at Home Depot last year. The app keeps telling me that there is no SD card. The original class 10 32 Gb card is definitely installed. At one point after a firmware upgrade, it started working and recognized the SD card. Then it went back to not recognizing it.
Wyze Labs have sent me three cameras and none of them recognizes that there is an SD card installed.
I REALLY need this.
Has anyone else had this problem?

Try another card. If three different cams don’t recognize the card. I’d say “bad card”. Also, ensure it’s installed the correct way - I’ve read where folks insert the card sdrawkcab.

The first cam, I took the card out and put it in my phone. It had been recording everything! This blew my mind. I absolutely cannot keep doing this though.
For some reason, the cameras are not recognizing the SD card - at least in the settings/software, as far as I understand this now.

I just took the sd card and put it in my desktop pc. It showed that it was full, and had a few days worth of videos that it recorded in Nov 2019. I formatted it and put it back in the camera. Still won’t recognize it - won’t even format it while it’s in the camera. I emailed a few days ago with no response. Anyone there?

Did you create a Support ticket?? If so, what is the number of the ticket?

Sorry for the issues! I have run into that issue what it says no SD card. Some things I’ve done to fix is close and restart the app, and make sure the app is connecting smoothly to the camera before looking at playback or going into the local storage menu.

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That email address has been mentioned before in the forums to be a unmonitored account. Can you create a support ticket?. Do that and we can get the ball rolling and get you help from the right place. Also, please then post your ticket number here in the thread.
Thanks a bunch!

Thanks. Dave said in a video to email
New support ticket is 574422.
My son just had his mandolin stolen. Camera was pointing to the exact location. If this was working - woulda got it. Can’t count on 5 min lag time to cloud.
Dave says that the sd card would record in 1 minute sequential increments. Is there a lag time between the 1 min increments?

If recording to the SD card you have 2 choices:

Continuous: Obviously records everything

Motion: This will record a series of 1-minute videos, if there is no motion in that video it will delete it, if there is motion it will keep it. There is no cool-down window on this, if you have 5 minutes of motion it will record it all, if you have 15 seconds of motion but it spans over the one minute window it will save both 1-minute videos.

And make sure you are looking at the right spot, the cloud saved event videos (12 sec/5 min cool down) and CMC (if your a subscriber) are viewed in the event tab off the main page. The SD card footage is viewed by going to live view of a camera, then clicking the playback button at the bottom.

Thanks for the support ticket number, I’ll pass that along. When was the video saying that published? Or which video was it? It may have been created a few years ago before the ticket system was put to use.

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