Cam no longer recording to cam SD card?

Recently there was an update to my wyze cam. Now its no longer recording motion to the card. its a wyze SD card. When i go to check events, None are shown. Its been this way for 3 weeks. I reset the cam, uninstalled the android software, went to G store and got latest version. Now if I hit events on the Phone in the lower part of it, it shows the events. However, I do not know if that is being saved to my phones SD card or the one on the Cam.

Anyone know whats going on with this? I like the cam, but the software, is wanting…

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Go to the camera’s livestream, below it, is a button, “View Playback”

That’s how you yew SD recordings, not the “Events” button on the home screen.

I wish Wyze starts cleaning up the UI. This same question keeps popping up all the time.

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its not showing anything in play back either. I have it set to detect motion all day… got sound off, as the cam is inside, looking thru a window.

Do you see a timeline? You might be looking at a point in time when there is no recording. Move the timeline by swiping left or right.

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i put the red line over the blue/green area where there should be some video.

Ok going to unplug the thing, and do a reset… maybe that is the issue…

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Also, there is a problem with SD card playback with the latest app release, with some phones.

This is why I use an older app version when looking at playback.

But sometimes you can mitigate the problem by doing things slowly; allow some time between presses.

Wyze, please fix this problem.

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Ok folks, Got it working… 1st, I went to google store and got latest app. Second, I have the cam plugged into a wall outlet that has plugs and USB ports. Every time I plug something into it or remove something the cam seems to blink or something… so I unpowered the cam, and did a compely new setup, having it scan the QR code off my phone and now its working fine.