2.16+ App Beta Test 1/5/2021

iOS version: 2.16.35(3)


  • Fixed the bug causing a freeze in the landing page after extended time without using the Wyze app
  • Optimized the Event video player
  • Moved map editing to the Settings page for Wyze Robot Vacuum
  • Optimized Map editing & UI for Wyze Robot Vacuum

Android version: 2.16.52


  • Fixed a bug preventing sound with Wyze Video Doorbell when enabling the Speak function
  • Fixed the Doorbell thumbnail for Android tablets
  • Optimized setup for Wyze Headphones
  • Fixed a bug causing the map to freeze for Wyze Robot Vacuum after an extended cleaning cycle

On android this version crashes anytime I try to open a group of cameras for live viewing.

A camera not in a group will open. All camera groups dont work.

Force closing/uninstall reinstall - same result.


This bug (active and reported since at least 2.16.12) persists

Resubmitted in 97221

Same thing. When trying to open a group of cameras, the app crashes. Submitted an error report (ticket number 93479).


Same, android

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Same here

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Same here, click on my camera group and the App crashes.

Samsung S20 Utra
Android 10: Wyze App Beta 2.16.52

WCO Base Station

Cam V2 Plugin Version
Sensor Plugin Version
Band Plugin Version 1.3.84
Scale 1.1.4 Plugin Version 1.11.7


Found a work around. It’s a pita but at least I can see live feeds now.

Open app then turn off data connection to phone. After data/internet is disconnected click on a cam group. It will open but won’t load the live feed. Click the gear in the top right corner, then select delete group. It will say loading, while it says this, turn the data connection back on. App will force close. When you reopen it the cams should now be individual. Hope this helps.

Same here on Android. App crashes as soon as I try to open a camera group.
My workaround was to use my iPhone (that don’t normally use for Wyze) and remove all the cameras from the groups. Kind of annoying since I use the groups a lot.

Just Edit, Devices… Delete the Group and your cams will show up individually. Quick, easy, how the Apo works


Thanks. Works

Confirmed fixed in 2.16.53.
Thanks for the fast fix.

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