Wyze App v2.23.16 crashes on Camv3 live stream

Hi Wyze lovers,
It looks like the beta Wyze app v2.23.16 is crashing every single time I click on one of my Camv3 to view the live feed. My doorbell live feed works just fine, it’s only an issue with the Camv3 I own (all of them).

I’ve tried to uninstall/reinstall the app, reboot the phone. Same issue.
My crash logs ID: 271845

I’m running the app on iPhoneX IOS14.7.1.
PS: looks like I can’t upload a video recording of the app crashing yet.


Thanks for the info! A thread was started on this yesterday in the Beta section (since it is the Beta app):

Yes having same problem, Running beta on all devices and app. Only crashes V3s in a group. Events open fine.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Please download the official App v2.23.21 (v2.23.23 for iOS) and the issue has been fixed there. Thank you.


Where do we find this version?

Should be in the app store.

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I guess I will just wait for the next Beta fix … I’m fine with group beta view for now

Don’t leave the beta program. Simply uninstall your current app and reinstall from the App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android). App Store will install v2.23.23, Google Play store will install v2.23.21. In the near future, when a new beta version is published, you will be notified or if you have auto-update enabled, your device will grab the latest beta.


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