Cam Plus Pro "Monitoring" setup crashes Wyze app

I have Cam Plus Pro and a new wyze cam v3 that I have set up to use the Cam Plus Pro service. The camera and license are installed. When I go to Monitoring - Cam Plus Pro Settings the app crashes. It is the only place the app crashes and prevents me from setting up the monitoring.
I updated the wyze cam v3 to the latest firmware, have the latest version of the WyzeBeta app [2.28.2 (a24)], and have deleted and reinstalled the app.

I opened a ticket with support and was told they do not support beta testers. I haven’t opted into the beta program, the app name was changed from Wyze to WyzeBeta on a recent update.

I was invited to the Cam Plus Pro service by Wyze and it didn’t mention anything about it being an unsupported beta.

There is a new app update to 2.29 that should correct the false beta name now. It might also fix your issue.

Try to update to the new 2.29 today. if it doesn’t show up right now, check back throughout the day until you see it. Once updated, try to do Cam Plus Pro again, if it’s still not working, contact support again and they should be able to help you with this new updated app.

Brilliant! The app update fixed it.

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That’s great! So glad to hear it. Thanks for the follow-up.