V3 Cam Causing Wyze App to Crash

I can no longer access my V3 Cam. It immediately crashes the Wyze app (V 2.23.16). I have power-cycled the camera; reinstalled the camera; factory reset/reinstalled the camera, all with negative results.

What happened???

Are you running beta software? If so, load the production version from the App store.

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That did the trick. Thanks. And a big bonus…that irritating floating arrow is gone too!

The V3 on iPhone problem with 2.23.16 was well documented here on the forum. A production release ( v2.23.23 ) fixed the bug - as you found out. Interestingly, Test Flight is still pushing 2.23.16…

The “floating arrow” is a setting that you control - but for the life of me, I could not find it. I know I turned it on not all that long ago so I could submit a log and then turned it back off - so it’s there somewhere :slight_smile:

In the Beta App, the submit log button is controlled under App Settings. It isn’t in the prod version.

Gone now. That’s all tgg hi at matters. Hated that thing.