Cam V3 crashing after initial update

Just got my second cam V3, the first one crashed trying to update it Right out of the box. This second one has done the same thing… I get it completely hooked up, it wants to be updated, I do that, then it crashes and said it’s offline. When I delete the device and start over it won’t initialize for me to set it up again… Any ideas? Extremely frustrating

My V3’s bricked on solid red. Got them replaced and now all of my replacements are locked on solid red. Reset doesn’t work, flashing doesn’t work, their useless. All my V2’s working fine. Anyone know what’s going on? Wyze V3’s have a problem!

on my second V3 as well . returned first one to amazon this is a new replacement from them. Couple weeks later its doing the same thing. camera goes offline solid red light and wont reset no matter what I do. This is BS!