Wyze Cam v3 Beta Firmware crashes App 2.20.21 (Android)

Just installed the Wyze Cam v3 Beta Firmware 4.36.3 11. Upon selecting said Wyze Cam v3 from the camera group and trying to access the setup menu (gear icon on upper right) in App 2.20.21 (Android), the app closes without going into to the setup and then reopens at the start page.

This happens about 50% of the time when I try to access the setup menu on the same Wyze Cam v3 and app. My phone is running Android 11 (Samsung A71).

I have not experienced that. When items like this has happened to me, I always provide one item I do which seems to resolve most of my issues like this.

  • I Clear the Cache from within the app. This is located under the account menu then App Setting
  • Then I close the App down and Long Press on the App Icon in Android.
  • Select App Info
  • Force Stop the App
  • Go to the Storahge & Cache
  • Clear Cache
  • Then Restart the Phone

This has worked for me.

I wouldn’t blame it on the FW.
I’ve been seeing increasing app crashes over the last few months also.
It’s viewing my driveway cam most of the time
Although checking the cam it’s at and reports it’s up to date.

I’ve been “stuck” in Mississippi due to C19 since Jan 1, 2020.
I’ve a Samsung Galaxy A plugged in next to my recliner that basically runs 24/7 as a Wyze cam monitor.
For most of last year I could reliably glance down and see my cam or cams.
Early this year it started getting so they would routinely crash once to several times a day.

Not blaming the FW. The latest App has introduced some issues related to notifications, etc. I am on the latest Beta release of the V3’s and have not experienced any problem with the exception of a couple not wanting to connect. Whenever this happens, I perform the aforementioned steps which seems to work. I am thinking that the cache may get corrupted and needs to be cleared during some updates.

I am on a Pixel 5 with Android 11 and have not experienced app crashes on a regular basis as you are. At one point I was even running Android 12 Beta - which was nice. But wanted to remove it when I was not getting notifications from the latest beta app: 2.20.21.

I will keep an eye on it, but whenever I load any new FW to my camera’s, I test first to see how they are doing and then, if needed, perform the cache cleanup. once this has been completed, everything normally works as expected.

Thanks. You raise good points, and I will take those steps that you mention the next time.

By the way, as far as the problem that I mentioned, after I uninstalled and reinstalled the App, the issue went away. Exactly what caused the initial trouble, I have no idea.

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That would clear cache as well. :slight_smile: I have done that in the past as well, but decided to do the Cache Cleanup first. Good to know that uninstalling and reinstalling the app works at times as well.

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