Wyze Android App

My Android app on my Samsung 10+ and on my Android tablet are crashing. This started with the latest update, is anyone else having the same issue?

Please post What app and firmware are you running

Beta version 2.6.36, the app opens and then it crashes. Firmware and

Is there a reason you prefer the beta version? See if you have the same results with the normal app and firmware.

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Have you tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it?

I found it interesting that both devices were experiencing the same issues. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it again, I think this did the trick.

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The last two versions of the Android Beta App and the last two versions of the Android production App have frequently crashed for me, but usually when trying to view an Event video. I’m using 2.5.36 now (with Android 5.0.1 on a Samsung S4 Active) and it crashed twice while viewing two different Event videos this AM.

I’ll hazard a guess that part of your problem is due to the Wyze app’s losing hardware video decoding. While the recent versions mitigated the issue for more recent hardware, it probably didn’t for the older models.

I still see “more controlled” crashes, for example when I’m playing back the last of the SD clips, when it reaches the end, the screen flashes and I’m dumped back to the home screen. I see this as a crash but the app caught it and did a cleanup.

Also when deleting cloud recordings, more often than not the app times out and then I need to force close it.

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I get “black” screen crashes and “white” screen crashes. With black screen crashes, the phone freezes, I interrupt by pressing the home button and then restart the app. With white screen crashes the app often restarts itself after about 5 seconds. Both types of crashes occur nearly every time I use the app.


Anyone seeing crashes with the beta should hopefully be attempting to send feedback and logs from the app to the devs. :slight_smile: