Cam pan , Firmware , Low audio volume

I installed the beta app and only see v4.10.6.224 available (not Version does not appear to fix the audio problem.

It was supposed to be fixed with FW v4.10.6.230 and higher. Sorry, I realized I’m on an alpha app and that’s why I see a higher version. Hopefully, it will get to beta release soon.

Any update when that release will become available?


4.x.6.232 is available to all beta users now.

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I’ve installed the firmware a few days ago on our two Wyse Cam Pans. It appears to be working fine and definitely increases the volume of audio to the point where you can hear people speaking and have a chance of understanding what they are saying. Thanks for the fix!

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glad it solved your problem.

Hello, I also applied the new beta firmware on my Cam Pan, And indeed I hear much better the voices from the people in the room where the cam is located. But they do not seem to hear me well when speaking to them via the app. Have you checked this?

I can hear clearly when talking through the app to the camera. I have Android on Beta 2.17.6 with FW You might have to submit a log if you’re having that issue because that might be different.

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I purchased a new Pan Cam and could test it this week-end with the beta version and release Seems to work ok, in both directions. So I probably have a hardware problem on the previous one. Thanks for solving the issue.

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I’m glad it works now! Sorry about the hardware problem.

Did the beta version fix everyone’s issues or did people go onto other products? I ask because I bought 4 Cam Pans, updated to beta version and I have the sound issue on all 4 cameras. I mostly can not hear anything and for the times sound does come through it is jumbled. Keep in mind this is with my phone’s volume on full strength.

I believe some people said it got better for them with version Did it regress with 6.237? Has anyone been on this thread and said they have no issues with the sound on their Cam pan. The reason I ask is because I got 4 of them and they all have the same issue. You would think that if it was a defect, that maybe only one of the 4 would have an issue.

Are you sure you have I’m not sure that has been release yet. The current one available is only from their official webiste here, , i think other are reporting the beta which you need to sign up for to get.

I have 2 Cam Pans and have tried almost every version of firmware and the volume has never worked correctly. I gave up and turned one of them off. The remaining cam I can’t even connect to, so I’m unable to change the firmware. I probably will never try another Wyze product. I’m sure Wyze employees are good people, just unable to produce a bug free product.

Are you able to revert back to to see if the volume is ok with that version? I have not tried out .237 so I don’t know if it regressed. If .237 messed up the volume again then you should report it. You can post here on the beta thread to see if other users have experienced the volume issue with .237

I had issues with the “normal” version. Then I read here that some people have had success with the beta version. So I tried that. Neither option is working for me. I just now saw in a different thread that sound is a problem on an even newer beta version.

I read suggestions of reverting back. But that doesn’t seem like a “fix”.

It seems that the majority of people have either switched products or just lived with the poor sound. That’s why I questioned in this thread if anyone has actually reported on here of their Cam Pan’s sound working properly.

I agree that reverting FW is not a fix. It would help confirm that the FW is the issue though. I’ve been persistently trying to get this issue fixed since March 2019. I’m surprised that they eventually were able to increase the audio volume with FW From my experience, sometimes newer FW updates can break other things though. It would be good to submit a log regarding the issue so the developers are aware.

Hello, I confirm the sound is much better in the beta version than before. I did not dare to try the next version 237, to avoid bad surprises, so I can not say if there is a regression.

One thing though, the sound on Pan Cam with version 232 is still not as good as what I have with a regular Cam V2. By far, especially when I speak from the app to the cam. So there is probably something to consider here for the developpers, to reuse some code from the Cam V2 software?

I found the solution to the audio problem. I just turned my cameras off about a year ago and haven’t had any problems since. They do get a little dusty.