3 Months without a fix on pancam audio fix

Ticket # (228692)

It’s going to be 3 months now and still extremely low volume using my android. I think your technicians are doing a poor job. I have 2 cams with extremely important issues for really important reasons. This needs to be fixed immediately! You keep replying to me that you’re working hard on this but still nothing is fixed. Are you really working on it?

(10:32:27 PM) Robert: I was told there’s a problem with the volume of the speaker on wyze am pan with androids. It’s been about 2 months. Are you getting close to fixing it yet? That’s the reason I got these 2 cameras. Reply to greyalien2000@yahoo.com
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(10:36:18 PM) Aasiyah: Hi Robert. Our technicians are working hard to resolve that issue but we do not currently have a time-frame as to when that will be resolved.

It’s been longer than that. There are several audio issues, not just volume. I think that is what is complicating things. Hopefully they will come up with something soon (hint, hint!), but in the meantime they have created a focal point for all audio issues:

Yeah , It’s an old issue seems like it should be fixed by now, I reported it Mar 8

I also complained recently. Seems to me that a company should fix items that are broken first before working on new items like look a our new light bulb… A little salty on this issues since it’s a feature that is needed and use to work.