Wyze Cam Outdoor & Base Station, v2/pan Firmware Beta Testing 3/1/2021

Wyze Cam Outdoor: 4.17.1. 35


  • Fixed bugs for recording Cam Plus Events while viewing the Wyze Cam Outdoor live stream

Wyze Cam Outdoor Base Station: 4.16.1. 14


  • Fixed a bug that caused the cameras to go offline



  • v2: 4.9.6. 241
  • pan: 4.10.6. 241

Release notes: (compared to 4.X.6.239)New Features:

  • None


  • Improved the stability for time stamp syncing with the NTP server.
  • Suggested Test Areas:
  • All kinds of events such as motion detection, smart video alerts, and Person Detection.
  • Wyze Cam time stamps
  • Overall camera performance and stability

Installed the Beta FW today. The WCO install went fine. The V2 failed upgrade a few times. I had to unplug the Camera and Bridge. Plugged Camera in and did the FW Upgrade successfully. Then I plugged the Bridge in and it connected.

So now the testing begins.

Initial test of the V2 yielded slower notifications when a Person is Detected. I have CamPlus and Person AI Detection only. Will see if it gets better.

** EDIT **

Just did a Test and the V2 Notification is back to normal. However, the V2 notifies faster than the V3. I have a V2 sitting next to a V3. They both Notify me of a Person, but the V3 notification is almost 1.5 to 2 times slower than the V2. about 5 to 10 seconds for v2 and about 7 to 15 or so for the V3.

All 5 of my v2 cameras fail on this update.
All are on but fail when trying .241
First time in a year that all cams failed to update.

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My Wyze outdoor cams show Offline on the home screen in my app, but when I go to the camera’s themselves they are working fine! FYI…

I will agree that the Cam v2 w/beta does notify faster than the Cam v3 with stock firmware.

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BTW: There is a new release candidate out for the App. I loaded it and things load faster, but not necessarily the notifications. I am currently testing it.

Both my V2 and my Pan said that it failed to update but when I tried to update again, it acted like it was already updated.

I had to physically unplug the V2 camera and Bridge then plug it back in before the update was taken. Everything is working now.

If my V2 is somehow on the FW release should it be notifying on AI detection events? It isn’t currently, I was wondering if this is a known issue? Is there a way I can fix?

I’ve got a WCO running with the base station at and I am using Android App 2.18.32.

When using WCO, I was getting the offline error though the camera still worked and updating to fixed that. However, I’m getting that same issue again where in the app it says offline but clicking on the camera gets me a live view. I’ve tried turning the camera off and on but that didn’t help.

Wyze just released another Beta update for the WCO whcih is for bug fixes. The Beta Version is This may fix your issue. I am currently testing it, so far no issue, but I just installed it about an hour ago.

I was having the off line issue with the .33 version and going to the .35 fixed it for a while but it came back.

I upgraded to the .45 version today and my issue is fixed once again.

Hopefully it stays that way.

to get the download links fw pan

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Clarification on what are you asking for? Are you looking at how to get the Beta FW for Pan Cam? or previous FW versions?

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