Wyze Cam v3, Cam Outdoor, v2 & pan Firmware Beta testing 2/8/2021


version: 4.36.0. 252

What’s New:

  • Improved the recognition rate for microSD cards
  • Added a turn off function for microSD cards
  • Added an independent update function for the Spotlight
  • Fixed a bug when switching Spotlights
  • Fixed a Spotlight authentication failure bug


version: 4.17.1. 027

What’s new:

  • Fixed a bug that caused CamPlus events not to detect people properly
  • Fixed a bug causing accelerated battery drain with the weak WiFi signal



  • v2: 4.9.6. 238
  • Pan: 4.10.6. 238

Release notes: (compared to 4.X.6.237)

New Features: None


  • Fixed an issue with events are being triggered by motion out of the detection zone.


• All kinds of events, such as motion detection, smart video alerts, and Person Detection.

• Wyze Camera Time Stamps

• Overall camera performance and stability


• Cam Plus displayed video length may be shorter than the actual video length in slower network environments.


Needed this like two weeks ago. Not seeing the updates in the app. Need this ASAP! Only got updates for base stations which is not even mentioned in these updates.

I was able to install the beta release of the Firmware for the V2, V3, and WCO. So far it is looking good. I did the install via my Android Phone.

Just installed the latest update on Android and now my band does not sync.
Already gave log and ticket.

Interesting, I don’t have the band anymore, too small for my eyes. Gave it to my son. Now I am waiting for the watch.

I have not run into any issue with my other products yet, but the night is still young.

Notifications seems to be working well.

I agree my can pan’s look to working just fine.
Time will tell.

Still have not received these updates yet. Need them ASAP!

Are you sure you have the Beta option selected in the About area? Goto Account tab, About, then Beta Program. Click the edit at the top right and select all options. This will ensure you get Beta Releases of the firmware.

Just curious if this was done as I deselected one and did not get the beta firmware. I checked it again and it appeared.


Thank you! I can finally see the latest firmware for V2.

My pleasure - glad you can get it now

It’s weird, only one out of my 4 V3’s got the firmware update yesterday. Even manually checking doesn’t show an update for the other three

I just set up 3 V3’s. When asked if i wanted to upgrade they only upgraded to 4.36.0.[248 or 228], so I had to upgrade them again to get them up to .252.

Same here. I also setup 3, guess we both ordered around the same time. :slight_smile: anyway, it updated firs to the production release. then I went in and did a device Info and it asked showed the beta version and asked if I wanted to update to that. All 3 updated to the latest Beta release for the V3.

Along with updates notifications seem to be working much better

I figured out why only one out of four of mine saw the update. I only have the beta app on my android tablets and that’s where I got the firmware notification for the one camera I happened to be viewing. Later when I went to update the other V3’s and couldn’t, it was on my phone which is IOS and on the production app. So long story short, you can only see beta firmware on the beta app.

Android Version 2.17.31
iOS version 2.17.31
V3 FW:

Possible bug with the V3 firmware, checking to see if anyone else is experiencing this.

I received 3 today and already had 1 up. I let my driveway can run to see how it does, after running for about 30 seconds or a bit more continuously, sometimes it will run for a few minutes. The KB/s drops to zero. then after a few seconds it starts streaming again. Seems to be worse when a car drives by and it is collecting the information for processing. the video’s of the car gets a bit choppy.

WiFi is full bars on it and signal is strong. I can actually walk 3 houses away and still use my WiFi.

Curious if anyone started the app and let one of the V3’s just stream for a period of time with the new FW and app.

** EDIT **

Was doing some research to find out why my rate goes down to zero to see if I can correct it. I currently have a TPLink P7 Mesh Network and setup the advanced features of Fast Roaming and Beamforming. Although everything seemed to well, I decided to research Beamforming and decided it might be beneficial to turn it off. Turning off this feature and leaving Fast Roaming on seemed to have settled down the issue I was experiencing. I am still doing some tests on this but so far it seems to have cleared up some of my issues. FYI for others using a Mesh Network.

I will update as I progress through this testing. But so far it is looking good.

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LOL… 3 must be the magic number. Also installed 3 and all got the 4.36.0. 252 update after selecting the cams in Account >> About >> Beta Program

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I have been observing this for at least a month now across V2s, V3s, WCOs, and a pan with the beta app. I just updated the WCOs (only) to beta firmware. And with each beta app and/or firmware (release or beta) update I initially suspect the problem may have been resolved only to observe it again later. So it is a very inconsistent occurrence for me as well.

Now that someone else is noting it, I no longer suspect it’s “just my network”. I have an Orbi mesh (base+1 satellite) network which also supports “Implicit BEAMFORMING”, MU-Mimo, and Fast Roaming .

However, based on past trial and error with these settings I found my laptops suffered from reduced performance with any one of them independently disabled. So I hesitate to go that path as the laptops are far more critical devices for us in our “stay at home” environment these days.

“Brain farts” are acceptable here in beta testing land when your big enough to admit to them. :smile:

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When I first started using the beta app it took me like an hour to figure out where the device firmware selections options were. I had mistakenly traversed every WYZE web page in the process. :rofl: