Pan cam on camplus service

I have several Wyze cams fro ver. 1 to V.3 along with some outdoor cams and a doorbell.
I currently have 4 cams on subscribed service to camplus, three of the cameras seem to operate just fine but the fourth a first gen pan camera only records 12secs at most, some times it starts another recording but never gets the entire action that caused the recording.
I worked with customer service for a long time with the issue but was told at the end it was a known issue and engineers were working on a solution. I was also told they would contact me with a fix. It has been several weeks and still no correction.
I’m wondering if this is an issue with all pan cams V.1 or just mine and if this is fact a known issue and being worked on. Meanwhile the camera has been subscribed to Camplus service since early January 2022.
Does anybody know more on this?