Do you own a Wyze Cam Pan v1 or v2 assigned to Cam Plus?

If you do, how long are the maximum events recording once triggered (12 seconds, just like not having Cam Plus assigned to it?) and what’s the cooldown period in between events?


I have the Wyze Cam Pan v2 with Cam Plus. I believe the max video recording time is 5 minutes. With Cam Plus, there is no cool down period associated with the camera.


@eliesk, I have a CamPan V1 that has been subscribed to CamPlus running Person Detection for over a year.

I have this cam inside and only use it when I am away from home. As such, I have never received a valid detection video.

I decided to turn it on and test it out.

As @spamoni4 stated, on CamPlus the cam should have full length motion only and AI tagged videos up to 5 min with no cooldown.

Your findings are confirmed. It is broke.

I ran around in front of the cam while it was actively tracking me for about 3 minutes. I have the uSD footage to support this. In doing so, I should have gotten a long person detection or a motion event.

I did not. I got one 12s person event and was subjected to a cooldown.

@WyzeDesmond, I know you are already working on this problem from @eliesk’s other post. Here is an additional log to confirm that CamPlus on the WCPv1 is not working.




Thank you so much for sharing your experience.

It means my camera and or my subscription has an issue. How can it be resolved - I’ve been at it for awhile, yet there’s no resolution - not even remotely. At this point, I might as well cancel my year subscription. I don’t see any attempt from Wyze to resolve my issues - also like the base station won’t switch to wifi after it was successfully synced using the ethernet cable. These issues have been going on for nearly a week, Posting here, chatting with support, sending log files - all just waste of time and money. A successful company’s backbone strives on great support, not sales.


You will get no argument from me there.

Solutions usually take some time as they first have to find the source. Since I have not updated the FW or my app for some time, it would lead me to believe that Wyze has once again been flipping random switches in the cloud software to see what lights come on. I am going to see what Wyze comes back with.

Are you referring to the HMS Hub? I have that too, but I leave it on Ethernet.

Which brings another question… Is your CamPan the one cam assigned to your single free CamPlus license that comes as a Bonus with the HMS?

There are firmware issues that have been unresolved for many months. The HMS Hub is just one example, the VDB v1 is another.


I was doing a bunch of work in my garage a while ago where both of my two original Pan cameras are located. Both have Cam Plus. I was not making any attempt to test the cameras, just moving around doing the work I was doing. I had a pile of event recordings that were as short as 12 seconds and as long as 89 seconds. There appeared to be no cooldown (or it was no more than a few seconds).
Both cameras are running beta firmware version


Thank you for your comments and feedback - I’m happy to read them.

Since I’m an optimist, my biggest problem is I’m big at FW upgrades. I keep learning that I’m delusional - because perfection only happens in the unreal world.

I’m unsure what ‘HMS Hub’ and ‘VDB v1’ stand for - I’m hoping you’d enlighten me :slightly_smiling_face:

I am referring to the Wyze Base Station. At first, I was happy to assign it to the ‘REAL’ Cam Plus (after being on Lite last time I needed to use the Pan), only to find out that trigger events are no longer than 11-12 seconds and at times, the events are back to back, without cooldown time or with several minutes.

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Thank you for sharing your own experience and insight.

I’m finally beginning to know that I haven’t been hallucinating all along.

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With Wyze, I have learned to be sceptical. I wait, watch the beta release thread, watch the production release thread, and make a decision if I really need it. With a relatively stable system now, I am more hesitant to introduce more Wyzebugs.

You mentioned “base station”. I thought you were referring to the Home Monitoring Service Wyze Sense Hub. It can run on Ethernet or on WiFi. I am not familiar w\ any other Wyze IoT that has this capability… But I don’t have a Sense Bridge or Wyze Cam Outdoor. Those are the only other two that I would think might have this??? I can’t help you at all with any WCO issues. I didn’t even know it had Ethernet capability.

The VDB v1 is the wired Video Doorbell Cam version 1.

Both of these have been experiencing significant operational issues due to SW\FW bugs.

Unbelievable - I feel that the more loyal customers are, the more they introduce new features and new products, yet letting the existing ones, praying to the higher up to resolve their bugs that they created themselves. We’re being treated as Wyze employees (volunteers), customers ARE their ‘Quality control’ AND Tech support - both unpaid positions. No wonder they are innovative ONLY, but at what cost - the volunteer employees, loyal customers.
I’m a strong believer in science:
What Goes Up, MUST come down, The higher it reaches, the harder it falls.
Continuing this path, things do come to an end sooner or later. It isn’t a matter of if, it’s a matter of when - how quickly.

Wyze, keep it up, lacking professional tech support. Your fate is in your hands.


Thanks again for the info you provided me.

Well, I’ve got nothing to lose. It’s 12 seconds with Cam Plus assigned to it or Can Plus Lite assigned to it.
I think I should sign up for beta tester to see what happens… I’ll report back.

Update: I joined, just waiting for beta firmwares to show up. It says it may take up to an hour to show up (the beta versions).

Update: now the WCP is running on the beta revision - I’m getting a few 13-15 seconds long events still. What’s even worse, when I playback those events, they show 11-12 in length in the progress bar, not the length that’s shown in the events summary.

Folks, I speak from my own unfortunate experience:
I surrendered, Wyze… you lost my respect. I’ve canceled my 2 yearly Cam Plus subs which I only obtained a week ago, and I’ll auction the nearly 1K of paperweight on eBay, in order to recoup some of money I spent and you gained - many of them are still sealed. I’ll still promote Wyze products, however only to individuals I dislike.


just a comment on this, having the same type of problem. 2 doorbell cams. cam plus on both.
it misses detections on a regular basis at the front door, if events happen within 5 -10 minutes of each other. granted it is a cheap cam and if I need real security I should call a security company but it is a level of frustration.


Thank you, @ArrGee for your feedback.

Hi ArrGee,

Could you please submit few logs on both doorbells so we could do some research on our end? Are those battery powered doorbell or wired?


I have a v2 gets 12 seconds and Pan v1 gets 12 seconds both are under Cam Plus.


After a long struggle, I decided to enroll in beta testing. It told me there were a few updates for my WBS, now my event lengths are almost normal, beyond the 12 seconds limitations.

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But you should not have to enroll in the beta program. If I (or you) already paid almost $90 for 100 camera licenses with unlimited recording then what they say we should be getting, we should have it. We shouldn’t have to make extra steps.

I have two v2 that give an average of 12 seconds, sometimes a little more but 95% of the time it’s 12 seconds. And the Pan v1 that is looking directly into a kennel of a foster cat who is actively moving I get 12 seconds.

Something is obviously wrong that only some cameras are going past the 12 seconds. Either the firmware needs to be looked at or the cameras need to be replaced with a model that will support unlimited recording. JMTC


Hi Techsis,

Thanks for the info. Could you please send me logs for both cameras so we could do some research on our end? Thank you!

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@TechSis I absolutely agree with you. What’s even worse, I spent endless hours throughout several days over an entire week, seeking technical help via chat support - I soon discovered I was mostly chatting with individuals who knew far less than me - one can tell right away. Wyze need ‘real’ technically knowledgeable CSRs at the other end of chat support, not someone following a troubleshooting diagram or searching from the same sources that’s publicly available already. I could write a lot more, but I’d rather not.

At this time, I’m hoping @WyzeDesmond is trying to convey these issues to technically qualified employees, I hope Wyze engineers are listening very carefully to him, and most certainly to loyal customers that had literally purchased hundreds of dollars of Wyze products, yet lacking proficient individuals on the other end,… chat support.

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ok, I’ve submitted the logs.

they are both wired doorbells.

thank you