Pan cam v1 not recording longer than 12 secs with "plus" subscription

Called into support multiple times, but can only get the 12 sec recordings. Have log id 744196 2 days ago with no reply or resolution yet.

Did you get “Cam Plus” or “Cam Plus Lite”? How much are you paying?

Check in the account > services tab

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Cam Plus - confirmed with 3 different reps of Wyze

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Welcome to the Forum @littlm3!

Sorry to hear of your issues.

Can you provide a little detail around what troubleshooting steps Wyze Support took you through prior to some suggestions from the community?

Also could you provide one of your support ticket numbers.

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This is a known issue with the Wyze Cam Pan V1 and CamPlus.

The issue was reported back in June and Wyze has acknowledged the issue. I have been working directly with the Devs via PM to pinpoint the problem.

I have also been testing the Beta Firmware in an attempt to rectify the problem, but it still persists.

It is related to the use of the Motion Tracking (the auto pan and track feature). You may find that turning that off will result in full length motion videos. For some reason, the frame motion in the pan is translating into a stop in pixel motion for the cam and therefore stopping the motion recording.


R -
Ticket# 2422412
Log id 744196

Went to “services” screen to confirm 2 annual licenses for “cam plus”
Also, on that screen they had me “unassign” both camera’ and then “assign”
Had me push the setup button to add as new device.
Check firmware update and I have
Lastly, terminated my subscription then created a new subscription, but no solution.

Be happy to provide or perform any other suggestions as I am going out of town soon and need them recording.


Those steps are what I would have suggest had support not.

Do you have motion tracking on? You could give @SlabSlayer suggestion a try.

With you being out of town soon, a quick “solution” could be putting SD cards in the cams for continuous recording…. Not a fix but a work around for the time being.

In the meantime I will see what we can do to escalate your ticket.


Thanks for the suggestion on the dd card. I see there are 4 types so don’t have a clue of what type or size to get, but will be gone for 12 hrs

I always recommend High Endurance SD cards that have been purpose built for long term continuous recording and rewriting. Max Endurance cards are one step beyond that and a bit more pricy.

I have made the mistake of purchasing the cheapest cards I could find and it wasn’t worth it. They failed within 3 to 6 months.

The size of the card you purchase will determine some of the specifications and it will affect the amount of video you can save onto the card.

A 32GB card recording continuous in full HD can hold about 3.5 days worth of video. You can do the math to convert that for 64, 128, & 256 GB cards. If you record in only SD quality, you can double your time saved to the card.

MicroSDHC cards are low capacity cards: 32GB or less.
MicroSDXC cards are high capacity cards: 64GB and higher.

I like high capacity cards for long term storage. Most of mine are 256GB. I always shop for cards that are Class 3, V30 or higher to guarantee best performance.

Here is a Great Tutorial on Identifying MicroSD Card Specifications.