V2 and Pan Cams Rarely record over 12 seconds/Thumbnails Instead of Videos Cam Plus

Something odd has been going on for the last couple of days. Im getting thumbnails, but the event screen shows there should be x seconds of video.

Pan cams and V2 cameras rarely record more than 12 seconds, but the motion definitely didn’t stop. It’ll make multiple event recordings in a span of 3-5 minutes, though, many overlap.

Beta, Unlimited Cam Plus, verified all cams active on the unlimited plan. Restarted cams, no change.

Same issue, but I only have Cam Plus on 1 of my 4 cameras. Up until a few days ago I was able to see thumbnails of what was captured in the Events page. Now all I see if a screenshot icon and only see thumbnail for the Cam Plus camera. If I click into the screenshot event I can click on playback and see the event. But this makes if very difficult to find any event. I also noticed my app is the beta version.

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I know there was a glitch with the app store showing the production app as beta when it’s not.

I signed up for the beta app, and beta firmware for cameras, as well. So, I would double check to make sure if you’re beta or production.

It seems this issue started when they rolled out cam Plus lite, at least the thumbnail issue. I’ve been having issues with the recording length prior to this.

Same issue, been going on for about a month now.

6 cameras on Cam Plus

  • 2 x Pan Cam v1
  • 2 x Wyze Cam v3
  • 3 x Outdoor Cam

Notifications have been coming up as WyzeBeta. Both Pan Cams only record 11-13 seconds. Every so often it will record 19 seconds or something.

All other cameras record full length.

Wyze Support made me submit logs, but were largely unhelpful. Not happy. One of these days there will be a Wyze update to a working version that won’t require ANOTHER update and 2 months to fix it back to working.

If you hear anything that works, please share.

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Well, at least I know I’m not crazy.

I do find it odd that with my cam plus I’m still getting the no cool down period. Several of these 11 and 12 second clips are back to back or just overlapping.

Some of the event recordings show up as a video (showing the seconds and AI triggers), but when I try to play it, it’s just a thumbnail. I’ve, too, sent logs but nothing concrete or a way to fix it.

Looks like a firmware update was just released for Pan Cam. We shall see… [] (March 17, 2022)*.

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Good news! I updated to newest firmware, made sure motion tracking is on and motion detection, and now it works! I hope this works for you!


Great! I’ll check and report back!

Of course…worked twice, now back to 11-12 seconds.

I’m seeing this now as well. V1Pan, Doorbell, V3 all on Cam Plus, getting 12 second vids only. I’ll check all my firmwares and versions and power cycle everything and see…

Edit: seems like it’s just my V3 that’s being limited to 12s.

I have the same problem V2 and Pan Cam. Event screen shows a video 1m 25s and when played it’s 12 seconds.

I have a new V3 that records perfectly.

If your still seeing this, please submit a device log in your devices settings > Wyze Support > Submit A Log. Then contact Wyze support and give them your log number so they can help you and escalate it to the team.

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