Cam Pan cooldown period even with Cam Plus

So I just upgraded to Cam Plus but my Cam Pan insists on keeping the 5 minute cooldown period and is missing events I wanted recorded, which is why I upgraded to the Cam Plus service. It also seems to still be limited to 12 second clips.

Anyone know how to fix this? Do I need to submit a support ticket to Wyze or is there a way to fix this?

Come to think of it, with the exception of my one V3 cam, all my other cams are also stuck on 12 second clips and seem to be experiencing the same 5 minute cooldown period.

On the app go to account> services> and see which cams are listed as cam plus and if CP has been activated. I only have one cam on CP and it is listed.

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Thanks. All my cameras are listed there.

It sounds like you haven’t assigned the licenses to the cameras on that screen.

If you go to Account tab > Services, you should see your licenses. Assign them there.

Then go to the camera settings.

Make sure Event Recording > Detects Motion is turned on.

Then touch Smart Detection and check all AI options that interest you.

Then go to Settings > Notifications and make sure all the things you want to be notified of are turned on here.

If you already had these setting, upload a picture of your Account tab > Services, screen and your Events tab. so we can see what’s happening.

Are the settings on your other cams set like the ones V3 that is working? I guess you could call support at 206-339-9646 and ask them, they are probably busy so it might take a while. If you tap on the little down arrow that is to the right of driveway in my shot you will see a page like this.

We have all of ours set 2 no cool down and 45 seconds record that’s on the wireless outdoor cameras only let’s you chose the recording time FYI

So I restarted all my cameras and now they seem to be working without a cooldown period but if, for example, there is motion for more than 12 seconds, it will record a whole bunch of separate short clips instead of one long segment from the beginning to the end of the motion.

As an actual example, the cam I have in my garage started recording when I opened the door to pull into the garage. It shows three 11 second clips one right after the other instead of one single recording.

Is this normal?

Who knows as long as it records the event