Remove cooldown on sound events only

I do have cam plus and i have cameras up in the kids room and i have them pointed away from their general areas so we can be aware of who they’re talking to or what they are saying but the sound only events still have a 5m cooldown and 12 sec recording. If we could get continuous sound only events that would be a huge help! Or the outdoor cam has options to select how long events are recorded and the cooldown. That selection on the normal indoor cams would be awesome!

I propose that if you have Cam Plus, the camera will start recording until there is no more sound (cf. when there is motion the camera doesn’t stop until it is gone). This will help with times when for some reason the camera is covered up, there is hardly any motion for it to detect, etc. Thanks!

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As a new Wyze Cam Pan owner I agree, especially if you subscribe to cam plus. This is a huge downside for me, and unless they change it I will probably not be buying anymore Wyze cams. Recording until sound stops would be best, but at the very least the sound recording should be longer (at least one minute) with a lot less of a cool down.

Ever thought about also using local storage for this? In the mean time you could out a sd card in the camera and record continuously. Now take the sound event time and go to the playback and watch the event in it’s entirety.

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No, I shouldn’t have to especially if I pay for cam plus (which I do). Cam plus was advertised as “no cool down period” which I found out is only for motion/person. I also see from the the original post about this issue that supposedly Wyze Outdoor cams have the option to set event recording length and cool down period, but indoor cams don’t.

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Has the audio cooldown period of 5 min been reduced?

Offer extended recording of sound events without 12 sec limits and 5 min resting periods

I have the Cam Plus subscription. It currently will record motion events in full but only sound events for 12 sec with 5 sec rest periods.
I use my camera to monitor my pets. I only want event recordings triggered by sound (not motion) such as the dog barking, and I would like the full recording until the dog stops barking. If I turn on motion recordings (to get the full recordings), then I will receive notifications every minute of every day because my pets are constantly in motion.

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For now, you could get two cameras, and cover the screen of the one that is set to generate sound alerts,. Set the other camera for either continuous or motion recording to SD card.

Thank you for the idea.

I would be very happy if the 5 min cooldown was removed for the sound. I use the camera to monitor my radio scanner for what I’m not home and I love that it saves little clips so that I can just look back and see what it was but it only saves those clips every five minutes and some stuff happens in between that 5 minutes that doesn’t get saved because of the cool down. And I feel like you’re paying money for it to save audio clips there shouldn’t be a restriction between sound clips.